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  1. Alex

    Complete FREE Autographed Diecast Car Contest

    Thanks guys. Been busy with life yenno
  2. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 Wesco 2016-09-03

    Ty dillons wesco chevy Credit: Template: DMR base: ib4jr Number: BER Logos: Google Render: Iceman
  3. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 render request

    Sorry dont render this one the logo isnt showing up ill fix it....
  4. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 render request

    Credits: Template: DMR Base: ib4jr Logos: Google Number: BER
  5. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ryan Blaney #12 Snap-On 2016-09-01

    Blaneys car he ran at daytona2 Credits: Template: DMR Logos: Google, RAH Base: RAH Number: RAH (guess this is the last time i use a base by RAH...) Render: Iceman
  6. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ryan Blaney #12 render request

    Credits Template: DMR Numbers: RAH Base: RAH Logos: Google, RAH forgot to make a new base...
  7. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 rheem 2016-08-30

    Ran at Atlanta Credits: Template: DMR Base and Logos: RAH, Google Numbers: BER Render: Iceman, Gilland38
  8. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 Rheem

    When Ever I have a base by RAH i turn the mask off and its like that
  9. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 Rheem

    and i am new to painting
  10. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 Rheem

    Guys i know what to turn off when i turn any mask off from RAH bases it does this. k..
  11. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Ty Dillon #3 Rheem

    Credits Base: Paints-By-RAH Logos: RAH and Google Numbers: BER Template: DMR
  12. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Kevin Harvick #88 Bad Boy off road 2016-08-29

    Harvicks car he ran at Atlanta Credits: template: DMR logos: Google number: BER base: ib4jr
  13. Alex

    DMRNXS16 Kevin Harvick #88 Render request