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    Bristol 2018

    Oh goody! Can't wait to try this out! Thank you
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    Thunder98's Showroom Mk.II

    This is a PWF CTS DCT (Dream Come True) Awesome
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    Complete GN55 Vintage Evil

    You're The Man!! Thank you
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    Complete GN55 Vintage Evil

    Totally awesome as usual buddy!!!
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    Complete GN55 Vintage Evil

    ahhhh ok awesome...… I thought WIP was just a by product of the previous failed attempt. No rush at all buddy, take your time, I was just checking back on it.
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    How I spent my weekend

    A little late to the party here but that sure did look like a great peaceful quiet weekend you had there...….. Sure does look like fun, I could only imagine the thrill that it would have to be in the mix like that!
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    Complete GN55 Vintage Evil

    No interest in this one?
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    Complete GN55 Vintage Evil

    How and where are planning to use this paint? offline home Sim: Nascar2003 Mod: gn55 Car Model: Pontiac or Chevy Requesting just the BASE? Y/N No Driver Name: Jeff How Number: 52 Number Font or Link: Artist choice Number Color(s): Artist choice Contig Set Pref: Artist choice...
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    Post too long?

    I'm trying to post up a new paint scheme request but keep getting a "post too long" reply. I've posted requests in the past and not seen that happen. Any ideas?
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    SR Pick'em Series Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - Digital Ally 400

    Stage 1: Harvick Stage 2: Kyle Busch Winner: Harvick 19 on the lead lap.
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    SR Pick'em Series Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - Geico 500

    S1 - Kurt Busch S2 - Menard Win - Ragan Bonus - 184
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    SR Pick'em Series Stunod Racing Weekly Pick'Em Series - Toyota Owners 400

    Stage 1: Joey Logano Stage 2: Kyle Busch Winner: Kevin Harvick Bonus: Kyle Busch