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    Identifying this font?

    Hi All. I was wondering if someone could help me ID the font used in this graphic? The font used for the right side "Phoenix Raceway" ETC. Thanks!
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    #18 JGR Number

    Hi All. I've been on the hunt for a good #18 Number (No offense to the great folks at BER, but that number is pretty old and outdated) along the lines of this one posted along with the new 18 Interstate scheme. Does anyone know if this has been made by anyone? Thanks!
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    25 GMS

    Hi All. I was wondering if anyone had/knew where I could find the font/number for the #25 GMS truck that Tyler Dippel ran at Miami last year? Picture attached - thank you!
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    Website/Team The Wave Around logo request

    Hey guys, me and some friends are starting up a small racing blog, and we would really appreciate a logo for the site. The name is "The Wave Around", so we were thinking maybe a car or 2 going around a pace car and another car or something along those lines? If that's not too tough? Thanks to...
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    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    Was testing out the new mod (Which looks incredible, closest we have got to iRacing graphic wise IMO), and accidentally re-created the 2012 Chase race crash... Sorry everyone else for the torn up cars! This mod has got me back into the game. Now we need some paints lol! Thank you @Burnout.
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    'dega Baby!

    As a 78 fan I am very sad
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    2016 Chase Discussion

    Hemric and John Hunter eliminated today. Sad to see Hemric out, his team had a heck of an effort today. Shoutout to Ryan Truex for the top 10, and Tommy Joe Martins for a solid run and P16 finish!
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    Complete Open Wheel Racing numbers?

    I've noticed there are very little IndyCar and F1 numbers available for download on sites in this community. There's about 10 good ones on BigEvilRacing and 1-2 here, yet there are hundreds of NASCAR numbers. I'm talking PSD numbers, and numbers like Kevin Magnussen, Daniel Ricciardo, Alexander...
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    NASCAR looking at possibly limiting Cup drivers in lower series?

    It would be really interesting to see what would happen if sponsors started picking up smaller teams. Guys like Ryan Seig, Tommy Joe Martins, ETC. But, sponsors want proven winners. It's a vicious cycle.
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    NASCAR looking at possibly limiting Cup drivers in lower series?

    Yeah, we're friends on Xbox :p. I was just refreshing everyone lol. Back to the topic, anyone else have any opinions on this topic?
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    NASCAR looking at possibly limiting Cup drivers in lower series?

    I don't mean to start a war, plus this is off topic, but @Magnus864 has a valid point. I was banned for disagreeing with the site owner and stating it publicly. That's all I have to say on the topic.
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    NASCAR looking at possibly limiting Cup drivers in lower series?

    I can see both sides of the issue. I just think that the good side outweighs the bad side. To be fair to @Magnus864, it's a valid point. Cole Custer has done very well in the Truck Series, but has been pretty bad in his limited Xfinity Series starts (And Xfinity has more Cup drivers).
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    2016 Chase Discussion

    Well, Talladega next. I have the 24, 11, 3 and 41 failing to advance this round. I think Brad will pull off the miracle again, Joey will have a solid run, and Dillon will choke. Who do you all got being eliminated?
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    Complete Deetah Racing team logo request

    Hey Stunod, I was wondering if I could get a Deetah Racing team logo. Be creative, the only request I have is that the main colors are Blue and Black. If you need an idea of what I'm looking for, my IG team page is @DeetahRacing. Thanks! -Deetah