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    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    4 wide in testing... This did not end well.
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    Racing this Year vs Last Year - Which is better?

    Kentucky was interesting, but that it mainly because as a shallow dish, there are more than two obvious lines through a corner. Gen-6 still has the clean air problem; that's mainly because the front end of the car is supposed to be aerodynamically useful. The solution would be to make the front...
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    Calling all YouTubers!

    I expect that the silly season before Season 3 will be insane. In universe, there are drivers and crew chiefs who sound unhappy.
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    NOT another so called "SHOWROOM", just (Gen6) cars

    Is spilling coffee a sensible graphic?
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    Mods you'd love to see?

    Lunar Rovers. On the moon. So far, about 60 miles have been driven on the moon.
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    From Autosport: The introduction of hybrid power to NASCAR is "a matter of when, not if" according to Ford Performance's motorsport boss Mark Rushbrook. The series looks to develop a next-generation...
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    The Racer League

    This flood and hurricane announcement has been brought to you by: WATER - There's a lot of it about.
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    ( NEW) Incongruous and Disconnected Thoughts V2.0

    I know that I will never ever be cool enough, in any band that I am in, to be able to warrant having a scissors player.
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    Rollo's Goof Showroom

    I still haven't quite worked out if I want a base underneath this. I rather like the solid purple.
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    What You Listening To?

    I feel like I am 17 again: This needs to be turned up to 11; with the windows rattling.
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    Track Racing Lines (mainly plate tracks)

    You are a dead set legend. I hope that you find a Benjamin down the back of the sofa. I wish that your next cup of tea is bliss. I wish that people move out of the way kindly for you on the motorway.
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    The Racer League

    Notes for Race 7: Wombat n. - short legged, quadrupedal marsupial, typically about a yard long and weighing about 60 pounds. They have claws which are powerful and capable of burrowing, and they have a cartilaginous bum which they use to crush the skulls of their enemies against the roof of...
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    What You Listening To?

    Hotel California - The Eagles... Or rather, why this works the way that it does. This and the end of "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac have the two best endings in all of rock music as far as I am concerned.
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    Track Racing Lines (mainly plate tracks)

    This is where you need to do a reflap in testing?
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    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    Even if you are crap at it. :thumbsup: I am crap at it. Heck, I am Mayor of Craptown; with a house on Poo Corner. You can do better than me... DO IT! :cool: