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    Questions for Fictional Painters/Template creators

    1) I already thing that the MENCS cars are already fictional as they don't bear any resemblance to what's on the road. If someone has something that was way out there, it would equally be fun. 2) Which mod? A 1940s coupe style mod would be neat. Which manufacturers? Chev, Vauxhall, Ford, Fiat...
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    Let's Talk About... William Byron

    Turn around? I am not sure if it is that. He stepped up into the main series and immediately found the competition harder... because it is. 2018 has mostly greens, some blues and purples and a few oranges. 2019 has less greens, blues...
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    Busch Restart Zone Font

    +1 Hear, hear.
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    Busch Restart Zone Font

    Impact italic, with a slight stretch and squared?
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    Can Harvick beat the 3 Toyota's to win the Championship ??

    I could be wrong but I think that that is impossible as the points are reset to 5000 for the final 4?
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    Can Harvick beat the 3 Toyota's to win the Championship ??

    It's not exactly like it's Harvick vs 3 Toyotas. The team also has Bowyer, Suárez, and Almirola running screen for them. Maybe if Stewart-Haas asked nicely they could get Sliced Bread to help because he has pent up animosities. Also remember, that Harvick did win at Texas; which is the last...
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    Logo Identification

    Speed 51, Short Track Racing
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    Where can i find the MENCS2019 Toyota?

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    Martinrace Showroom

    wattle they think of next? :D No wait, I hopped to the wrong pun.
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    ( NEW) Incongruous and Disconnected Thoughts V2.0

    Answers to the questions posed in the songs that have been playing on the radio this morning: 1. I let the dogs out 2. It always rains on you, not because you lied when you were 17 but because you live in Scotland 3. I am not lonesome tonight 4. Friends are not electric but bioelectromechanical...
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    Happy Birthday, Rollo75

    Haway! Thank you :D
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    Happy Birthday, Rollo75

    Bad and butter? Luxury. Actually, Mrs Rollo has ankylosing spondylitis; which means that there is never cake in our house. The triple threat would be a lasagne, which contains gluten, dairy and nightshade. I would love a lasagne... 11 years with no lasagne... But gin is fine :D
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    Happy Birthday, Rollo75

    10:22pm in Sydney. Hurrah. Thank you :D I mowed the lawns, got sunburnt; watched the Sandown 500 on telly. And took another step closer to Sheol.
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    What You Listening To?

    Sing along. The words are on the screen! View:
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    ( NEW) Incongruous and Disconnected Thoughts V2.0

    YAY! That sounds like Kraft Cheese Spread; which even says on the jar "can be made into a sauce in the microwave" I have done that both with Aspic and flavourless Aeroplane Jelly. Neither is adequate.