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  1. sdpacenc

    Retro Zerex logo

    Thank You. Where did you locate those?
  2. sdpacenc

    Retro Zerex logo

    Good afternoon all, Can I ask for someone to assist me in either locating or making the retro Zerex logo used on Alan Kulwicki's race car from 1988(?). I have searched several sites with no luck. Thank You!
  3. sdpacenc

    Complete BRCup15 Chevrolet Render Request

    Thank You Garrett!
  4. sdpacenc

    Complete BRCup15 Chevrolet Render Request

    Good morning, Can I ask for a few renders to be completed for this BRCup15 Chevrolet SS I painted? Credits Template - BER Logos - Google Number - BER Base - I want to say SDG but it may have been here. Apologies if not correct. Thank You!
  5. sdpacenc

    Updated "BenCrazy" graphics settings for NR2003

    Thank You Garrett!
  6. sdpacenc

    NR2003 Screenshot Thread

    Looks good to me Rollo75.
  7. sdpacenc

    Complete Mencs19 Camaro Render

    Really nice paint. Better than the real one!
  8. sdpacenc

    DMR XFinity 2016 Camaro Template

    Thank You Garrett!
  9. sdpacenc

    DMR XFinity 2016 Camaro Template

    I believe I have only seen Camaro updates for either BR GEN 6, NXS17 and MENCS 18-19.
  10. sdpacenc

    DMR XFinity 2016 Camaro Template

    Good morning all, I may have missed it, but has a updated template or template addons been posted for the DMR XFinity 2016 Chevrolet Camaro? See below for pictures for reference. Thank You!
  11. sdpacenc

    Psugorilla's Showroom

    Oh man. I know that one will be a challenge. Especially on the front and rear.
  12. sdpacenc

    Retro QuikTrip Logo

    You did good sir!
  13. sdpacenc

    Retro QuikTrip Logo

    Thank You very much Mike!
  14. sdpacenc

    Complete CWS 15 Chevrolet Silverado Render Request pt.2

    Thank You again Garrett!