1971 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Season File

1971 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Season File 2018-06-11

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Hey everyone! Here is a season file representing the 1971 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season. This schedule had 48 races! This is going to take some explaining. This was the last year before NASCAR decided that if a race is shorter than 250 miles, it can't be on the schedule. So for 1971 and prior, races such as the Daytona qualifiers, as well as many 100 mile short track races were on the schedule and counted for points. Not only that, but there was also a rule back then where the drivers had to drive to the next track in the very car they raced in!

To get all the correct tracks for this one is going to take a little hunting, if I can find them you should be able to too, post a comment if you're having trouble finding any and I'll try to point you in the right direction if I can. That being said, there are 5 tracks that they ran on this schedule that I don't believe exist yet for NR2003. Through the guidance of Thunder98 on SRD and my own research, I found the closest possible replacement tracks in terms of size and shape that do exist, I listed these below:

Missing: Smokey Mountain Raceway | Replacement: mesa_pwf
Missing: Kingsport Speedway | Replacement: motormile_hr
Missing: Islip Speedway | Replacement: speedrome_oval
Missing: Middle Georgia Raceway | Replacement: evergreen_pwf
Missing: Meyer Speedway | Replacement: savannah_70

*Note: Albany-Saratoga Speedway does exist for NR2003, but it's a dirt version and in 1971 it was paved, I listed the dirt version in the .ini since it's the only existing one.

For the rest of the tracks I tried to use tracks either of the same year or the closest existing prior version, the only tracks I used "future" versions of were ones where an older version of the track doesn't exist. (Texas World, trenton, bowman_gray_pwf, columbia speedway 2012, etc). If you know of a better/accurately dated version of a particular track that would work better or notice any other errors just shoot me a PM and I'll update the file. Simply copy the .ini into the folder of the mod you want to run the championship in, make sure you have all the tracks listed in the file downloaded, and enjoy. Happy racing!

PS: I also currently have the season files for 1960-1970 as well as 1981-1989 in the works so please don't do those.
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