2007 Eric McClure #04 Hefty Pepsi 400 DNQ

2007 Eric McClure #04 Hefty Pepsi 400 DNQ v1

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This is the car that Eric ran in his second race on the season the first being the Daytona 500 which he unfortunately DNQed both.

Base - Me
Template - Splash N Go, Matt Muir
Logos - Google, Alan Harkleroad, Jco Designs, Wayback Machine, Me
Number - BER
Contingencies - Google, SNG, DMR, MRD, WBR, Rubbin's Racin', BER, Me
Pitcrew - Me
Ratings - NRatings with editing

Note: Some of the logos are not 100% accurate and some that I have to do dome alternatives due being to blurry to make it out.

NR2003 2022-05-21 17-04-14.png

NR2003 2022-05-21 17-06-03.png
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