Martin Truex JR. Furniture Row car 2002

Martin Truex JR. Furniture Row car 2002 2022-05-22

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What if MTJ ran for furniture Row in 2002? I'm gonna start making these car on a ton of different mods because this scheme is so basic but so beautiful.

Mod: Original Cup
Logos: Google
Number: BER
Template: Garrett1127
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    CarView 5_22_2022 6_44_38 AM (2).png
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Latest reviews

this scene is alright, but it's way too simple. You need to add contingencies and The number is a little too high and too far to the front. also the template was made by brian simpson and the year of the car make is 2003. good start.
Very nice, the actual creator of that template is Brian Simpson btw.