Mid-Field Raceway

Mid-Field Raceway 1.1

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Hey everyone, here's another big update comin' right at ya! Here's what's been changed:

- narrowed the track by ~2 meters, making the racing surface 14 meters wide
- narrowed the pit wall to 0.25 meters, and made it 1.5 meters tall; added missing wall cap at pit entrance
- shortened pit road by ~90 meters
- made pit stalls 9 meters apart and moved them to account for new track width, also removed stalls with negative numbers
- added many new objects, some with custom textures
- messed with course elevation some to make it a little more accurate
- added 5 degrees of banking to the track after the hairpin until the forest section ends
- changed wall types where necessary and added custom textures to many of them
- changed default setups
- rerecorded all LPs
- fixed missing shadows in forest section; changed tunnel shadows, added shadows projected by various walls
- moved full pace lap start to pit stop
- slightly modified TV1 camera
- removed rumble strips where they do not appear
- and more I'm probably not remembering
I have spent some more time working on this track; here's what I've done for today's update.

-added some more in and outfield banking
-made the first tunnel's walls taller
-fixed floating tree before first tunnel near tent
-fixed collision on many walls
-made turn 1 banking less awkward
-fixed frontstretch bridge heights because they were floating
-changed TV1 and Pit Lane 1 cameras a little
-put cap on the grandstand before the overpass
-changed c_horizon files
-changed pit center line to dotted, made pit stop textures clearer, made lanes more even, and moved all pit stalls slightly to the left and back 5 meters
-added some shadows created by walls, trees, and tunnels
-added new objects, new tree types, buildings, and tents
Today Mid-field Raceway gets its first update since October. This is part of a series of updates for older tracks I'm gradually rolling out.

-general increase in detail; added several new objects like lights and billboards
-added the grandstand after the downhill section
-obscured track visible from front stretch on both sides
-fixed some missing wall caps
-added both overhead bridges on frontstretch
-removed excess grass on crossover bridge
-added roof to tunnel that was only partially covered
-rotated grandstands before downhill section to be flush with grass
-changed tunnel texture to something nicer
-put people underneath a tent
-added a six car grid on the frontstretch
-changed start/finish line texture
-adjusted crowd sounds to account for new grandstands
-added custom TV1 camera