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This is a set of cars I have painted during my free time. Inspired by @GraySpeed, @JetsRacinDesign, and @Griffdawg, it was for a series I have been working on but sadly it died quickly. The first 4 Cars are from 1993 to 1996 and for the Cup90 Mod, while the other from 1997 to 1998 are for Cup98. Enjoy them, and feel free to credit me and use them for your own Mock Seasons or a standalone What If.

Numbers: BigEvilRacing
Logos and Sponsors: Google and Logopedia
Bases: SHD (Scott Huhn Designs), JMurrayMO81, and garrett1127
Templates and Contigencies: Racin Grafix Crew, and Splash 'N' Go Graphics
Mods: Cup90 and Cup98
Everything belongs to their respected owners.
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Latest reviews

Great, but who's in the 24?
Joe Nemechek
Nice work but the Cup98 mod also covers 1995 AND 1996
Thanks, I'll be working on that.