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  1. jbfan

    MENCS19 mip file question

    Ok, not sure if this should be in "Paint Help" forum or here, but I've been trying to find the correct mip files to shade or darken the color of the fuel cells on the exterior of the cars. See attached photo for reference (circled in green). I found the track bar mip and shaded it nicely, but...
  2. jbfan

    Gander Outdoors Window Banner (CWS 15 mod)

    Is there a way to download and install the Gander Outdoors banner for all trucks or does it have to be one by one in a paint program? Thanks
  3. jbfan

    Question about MENCS 19 mod.

    I may have asked this before, but I'm old and forgetful. Is there anyway to lower the body height on the MENCS 19 A.I. cars without remaking the entire mod? Not being nit picky, just curious because the rear wheels have a significant gap/opening between the top of the tire and the body of the...
  4. jbfan

    Questions about making a mod....

    Hey guys, I will try not to make this a long winded post but I have been sim racing for over 23 years and have owned every Papyrus Nascar title ever produced. Having said that, I'm always trying new things to better enhance the NR2003 experience. Mainly because I enjoy learning new things...
  5. jbfan

    Logitech Software (G25)

    Hey guys, All of a sudden, my Logitech profiler software will not launch anymore. I believe it happened after the most recent Windows 10 update, but I cannot confirm that. I did a complete uninstall (including deleting the folder) and a fresh install but it still will not boot up. When I...
  6. jbfan

    RaceRoom Racing Experience - Graphics Question

    My system specs: AMD X4 860 Quad Core 3.70 Windows 10 - 64 bit 8 Gigs RAM GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti My question is, how do I get rid of "jaggies"? I have tried multiple in game video settings, NVidia control panel settings, Nvidia profile inspector settings, and still have jagged lines...
  7. jbfan

    GTR2/rFactor graphics

    Hey guys, I haven't played GTR2 or rFactor 1 in a long time, so I decided to give it a go recently and when I did, I noticed the graphics were terrible. A lot of "jaggies" on street lines, fences, cars, etc. and just altogether bad graphics in both sims. The weird thing is, I use to play these...
  8. jbfan

    Question about new cup spoiler

    Hey guys, I've been away for a while so forgive me if I've missed something. I noticed that the awesome MENCS 2019 mod has a piece of Lexan or should I say "virtual Lexan" across the top of the spoilers. When I researched it online, it did not appear that any of the Clash cars had that Lexan...
  9. jbfan

    MENCS 2018 Height

    Just curious, is there a way to slightly lower the rear ride height of the MENCS 18 mod in game or by editing files in the folder? Just to make it LOOK a little more realistic. I understand that the overall ride height is a product of the mod build, but I was just wondering if anything could be...
  10. jbfan

    NR Camhack not working

    I'm running Windows 10 home and I had to re-install NR2003 due to a PC crash. I got NR Camhack installed with no problem (downloaded and installed the required .dll file, etc.) The problem is, I run NR Camhack first, then NR2003, but in the game, none of the assigned buttons do anything. I...
  11. jbfan

    Another GTR2 question

    Not a big deal but in comparing Rfactor 1 and GTR2 I noticed that the "grip" in GTR2 seems to be much stronger/unrealistic than in Rfactor. When I get on the throttle too soon in Rfactor, the car tends to slip/slide to simulate breaking traction. In GTR2 the car feels like it's almost on a rail...
  12. jbfan

    Rfactor 1: Cannot fuel car

    Hey guys, For those of you who use Rfactor 1, I noticed last night that when I pit the car and pull up the pit menu, there is no option to add fuel to the car. Therefore, when the service is complete and the crew drops the car, there is no fuel. Possible line item missing in the "player"...
  13. jbfan

    2004 Johnny Benson Jr. CTS

    Here is my attempt at recreating Johnny B's 2004 Craftsman Truck. Special Thanks to Tony (Antigordo) - for the awesome base Garrett - for the awesome renders
  14. jbfan

    Complete PWF CTS Render Request

    Render request, please. Just want to post a scene of the truck I just finished and give proper credit. Thanks
  15. jbfan

    Complete Old School PWF CTS Request

    How and where are planning to use this paint? Personal use - offline Sim: NR2003 Mod: PWF CTS Car Model: Toyota Requesting just the BASE? N Driver Name: Johnny Benson Number: 23 Number Font or Link: (I have the font with correct colors if needed) Number Color(s): same as photo Contig Set Pref...
  16. jbfan

    No sound outside of car

    Hey guys, I noticed the other night that I no longer have any sound when the camera view is outside of the car, whether it be chase cam, spectator cam, TV1, TV2 etc. I have all of the sounds when I'm using the cockpit view, but nothing outside the car. I think I have deleted a file...
  17. jbfan

    Looking for 1995 BGN carset

    Hey guys, I tried Google but didn't find what I'm looking for. Does anyone know if a 1995 BGN car set was made for the original cup mod? I have the one for Cup90 mod, but would really like to have it in the original cup mod. Thanks
  18. jbfan

    Suggestions Wanted

    Hey guys, This is my car that I race the most and I love the paint scheme, big Thanks to the guys over at Splash N Go for the scheme, but I am not sure what my opinion is on the white numbers. I made the numbers for it, but I want your opinions on what color you think the numbers should be to...
  19. jbfan

    Hi Res Carset? (1997) - Original Cup Mod

    Hey guys, I was just curious if a Hi Res carset was ever made for the 1997 season and if so, where I could download it? I'm looking for the original cup mod - NOT the Cup98 mod 1997 carset Thanks
  20. jbfan

    Complete Old School Paint Request - MENCS 18

    How and where are planning to use this paint? Offline Sim: NR2003 Mod: MENCS18 Car Model: Camaro Requesting just the BASE? Y/N (doesn't have to be just the base, but layered would be awesome) Driver Name: jbfan Number: 10 Number Font or Link: Same as photos Number Color(s): Same as photos...