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  1. Bill1947

    Graphics issues/Crashing

    Have you tried the 4GB Patch?
  2. Bill1947


    If you go to TMS I have these templates posted over there.
  3. Bill1947


    I have templates for a CWS15 Nissan Titan and a BR Gen6 15 Nissan Maxima.
  4. Bill1947

    Jimmie Johnson

    So how many of you still think Jimmie will win a race this year? LOL
  5. Bill1947

    General Tires

    Here are the tire mips for the SnG Pinty's mod and the bmp file for use in render scenes.
  6. Bill1947

    General Tires

    Here's the new fender decals. Resize them to 200 pixels wide.
  7. Bill1947

    General Tires

    The NASCAR Whelen Series uses these tires too.
  8. Bill1947

    General Tires

    I'm on it. LOL
  9. Bill1947

    General Tires

    I just saw that ARCA is using white letter General Tires this year and the fender decal has a red background.
  10. Bill1947

    General Tires

    Here is the fender decal. It will need to be resized.
  11. Bill1947

    SRD's NXS19 Mod has been cancelled

    The MENCS19 mod will last thru the 2020 season. If the Gen7 cars go to stock bodies like has been rumored a whole new mod will need to be made for 2021. There's no way a template update for MENCS19 can be made for those cars.
  12. Bill1947

    SRD's NXS19 Mod has been cancelled
  13. Bill1947

    2019 PWF CTS Templates 2019-06-03

    All four templates have been updated. The contingency decals (NGOTS and Moog100 decals by me, the rest are from Alan Harkleroads 2015 set). The templates now have larger Gander Outdoors windshield banners text, Bed Rollbar Shading, Larger Lower Grill on the Tundra, the Silverado has smaller tail...
  14. Bill1947

    General Tire tire textures for SNG mods?

    I'm working on the Goodyear Honor and Remember tires used in this years Coke 600 for both the MENCS19 and BR Gen6 15 mods.
  15. Bill1947

    General Tire tire textures for SNG mods?

    Will this work for you? I tried them in the SnG Pinty's mod and MENCS19 mod and they work in both.
  16. Bill1947

    New Late Model Mod?

    Thanks for the info.
  17. Bill1947

    New Late Model Mod?

    Does anyone know if SnG has a new Late Model Mod in the works?
  18. Bill1947

    Sites that support N2K3

    Twister Motorsports, lots of goodies here.
  19. Bill1947

    ( NEW) Incongruous and Disconnected Thoughts V2.0

    Be it football or NASCAR... I never understood punching someone in the face while they wear a helmet. Maybe those guys don't value their hands as much as I do
  20. Bill1947

    help with painting mencs19 cars *Update*

    It sounds to me like you're exporting a tga file and trying to paint on it. You need to go to SnG's website and download an actual PSD template and the car viewer files.