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  1. Royce Jordan

    Does anyone have JGIR

    Can't find it anywhere online... Thanks...
  2. Royce Jordan

    Need Track Links

    Does anyone have or know of places where I can download the following tracks: Cereal Bowl 6 Foot Under Atlanta Tornado Watkins Glen Dirt Watkins Glen Banked Autodromo de Sitges-Terramar (not sure if it exists but it's worth a shot) Thanks for your help.
  3. Royce Jordan

    NR2003 Track won't Load

    Sorry for two posts in a few days, :(... But anyway, so I was trying to make a NR2003 track using Sandbox. I was actually following this tutorial here: But anyway I finished editing the track (which was very bare-bones by the way), saved it and everything, then tried to load it up and it said...
  4. Royce Jordan

    No background to any tracks

    So I opened up NR2003 last night, and I saw that none of the bleachers, grandstands, terrain, NOTHING generated outside of the main track. f.e. Bristol has no coliseum surrounding the track. Even the inside of the track is empty. I've come across this problem on Bowman Gray, Bristol...