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  1. Tigerman500

    Complete #40 Brennan Poole

    How and where are planning to use this paint? For my own personal usage. Sim: NR2003 Mod: MENCS19 Car Model: Monster Energy Requesting just the BASE? N Driver Name: Brennan Poole Number: 40 Number Font or Link: The same one that McMurray used in the 500 Number Color(s): Monster Energy colors...
  2. Tigerman500

    2019 Xfinity and Camping World Carset

    iIm looking for a Xfinity and Camping World trucks carset for this year. Anybody know where I can find one?
  3. Tigerman500

    Converting files

    I may be stupid but how do i convert a cts.cup file to a
  4. Tigerman500

    Complete MENCS19 #29 Valvoline Ford

    How and where are planning to use this paint? Sim: NR2003 Mod: MENCS2019 Car Model: Ford Mustang Requesting just the BASE? N Driver Name: Jeff Bolton Number: 29 Number Font or Link: #29 Diamond Ridge Motorsports - 1995 Number Color(s): Red, Blue and White Contig Set Pref: Any MENCS2019 Base...
  5. Tigerman500

    Complete Ryan Reed #16 Lily Diabetes A1C Ford

    Can someone please make a #16 Lily Diabetes A1C Ford for the MENCS18 mod? It will be used in stratonascar's No More Tears Left To Cry offline league.
  6. Tigerman500

    Complete Pirotek logo

    Can someone make a transparent Pirotek logo please? Thanks. Piroteck Google Search
  7. Tigerman500

    Complete Dunkin Donuts Series logo

    I've no idea where to post this but I was wondering if someone can paint a Dunkin Donuts Series logo for me? I would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Tigerman500

    Carl Kiekhaefer Numbers

    Does anybody know what font the numbers for Carl Kiekhaefer's cars are?
  9. Tigerman500

    1949-1967 Points?

    Does anybody know how to figure out the points from 1949-1967? I have no idea how to.
  10. Tigerman500


    Longtime NR2003 racer but haven't posted anything until now.