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  1. Highbank @ Highbank:
    ZOOM AC Server is up with Daytona and the extra cars for GTLM practicing
  2. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Zoom TnT Trucks are up on the server Atlanta_2019...go get your stuff sorted...
  3. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Doing ok today, planning on racing the trucks to night
  4. wolfgang18 @ wolfgang18:
    How ya feeling @Highbank?
  5. James Qualls @ James Qualls:
    and also looking forward to the Rolex 24 this weekend too :D
  6. James Qualls @ James Qualls:
    hmm, looking forward to some IMSA stuff
  7. Andle @ Andle:
  8. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Back to the Highbank Paintshop to redo IMSA paints for the new class...
  9. Highbank @ Highbank:
  10. SammyInABox1 @ SammyInABox1:
    @Highbank I agree with you on the thing about requests on the Cindric base. it's a level 1 beginner base in my opinion!
  11. Highbank @ Highbank:
    I would like to suggest to all you non-driver painting folks out there, at least turn off the suit layes (shirt,legs,arms) so the base color shows on your driver, is that too much to ask from "painters"?
  12. Highbank @ Highbank:
  13. NKnight @ NKnight:
    All of your base are belong to us....
  14. Highbank @ Highbank:
  15. Highbank @ Highbank:
    It's cool, be aware I will ban anyone who asks for that base to be made, C'mon Man! Learn to paint!
  16. 2pac Shakur @ 2pac Shakur:
    @Summit City RD Yesss more sponsorhip
  17. Summit City RD @ Summit City RD:
    Verizon is back in NASCAR!
  18. Andle @ Andle:
    good morning
  19. Highbank @ Highbank:
  20. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Nice Win Mike @phantom17!
  21. James Qualls @ James Qualls:
    Good Morning everyone :D
  22. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    Way to go Mike! Better get that Atlanta setup dialed in, Im comin for ya tonight!! :openedeyewink:
  23. phantom17 @ phantom17:
    Thanks guys fun race!
  24. Andle @ Andle:
    congrats mike
  25. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    Congrats Phantom17 for the Modified win tonight at Stafford Speedway
  26. KingMaddog @ KingMaddog:
    don't feel bad, I nailed my pinky toe against my island and thought I broke it @DaleTona, this was last wednesday, missed two days of work because of it...
  27. DaleTona @ DaleTona:
    My clumsy self scalpeled a sizable chunk of skin off my toe against the furniture and as such I can't put flat pressure on my left foot.
  28. DaleTona @ DaleTona:
    I also won't be racing today, despite the fact I was really looking forward to it
  29. Bergie @ Bergie:
    Thank You Highbank!
  30. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
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