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  1. ti2blegrr @ ti2blegrr:
  2. Jonny683 @ Jonny683:
    Before I forget, Happy Easter
  3. Eric Hostetler @ Eric Hostetler:
    Right on Highbank!!!
  4. Gonzo @ Gonzo:
    Happy Easter `15`
  5. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Happy Resurrection Day Believers! HE IS RISEN!
  6. Eric Hostetler @ Eric Hostetler:
    Amen Highbank!!!!
  7. Highbank @ Highbank:
  8. Torch-1 @ Torch-1:
    Happy Easter to all. GOD BLESS!
  9. bamaracing @ bamaracing:
    Good morning
  10. ti2blegrr @ ti2blegrr:
    Coffee With The TIgg and Friends goes on the air in just over an hour!
  11. The Big Dawg @ The Big Dawg:
    Happy easter one an all. enjoy the day with friends and family and remember the reason for it
  12. OneToughCustomer @ OneToughCustomer:
    Happy Easter!!!
  13. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Zoom Server has Spec Racers rotating thru the tracks for the series season
  14. Stunod @ Stunod:
    Happy Easter Everyone, hope you enjoyed your day!
  15. Highbank @ Highbank:
    There are a bunch of us testing and practicing on the Delts server (GN69st @ Tally70) testing some new core.ini bits to make for a better connection for those with a weaker net set up
  16. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    Said servers full or grid is locked..
  17. Highbank @ Highbank:
    We ran a few short races for testing then the party broke up, maybe you were trying to get in as we raced...or attempted to
  18. Highbank @ Highbank:
    It was fun and I found my Tally set, that's one thing for sure
  19. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    You'll have to share the wealth next time we're on TS! Those 1970's tracks have me feeling like Im back in Va. driving around on ice. lol
  20. The Big Dawg @ The Big Dawg:
    Been doing alot of street car hotlapping around the ring in AC (245mph and a 7:15 in a skyline ala 2fast2furious and yes with nos) but im gonna knock some nr out over the week
  21. Highbank @ Highbank:
    @M_Nesevitch, I think it's one in the track..."TSparky Rv2" or 3 something...but ya I will:thumbsup:
  22. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Time to paint Opel GTs...just sayin''
  23. Highbank @ Highbank:
  24. Highbank @ Highbank:
  25. Highbank @ Highbank:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Ongias25
  26. Highbank @ Highbank:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @purerushracingleague
  27. Ongias25 @ Ongias25:
    Thank You! ;)
  28. bamaracing @ bamaracing:
    Good morning
  29. garrett1127 @ garrett1127:
    Hey Fellows
  30. Highbank @ Highbank:
    Hey Mr. Tom!
  31. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    We missed the Tigg at the shakedown session at Taly70.. Lookin to reconvene around 2pm est possibly..
  32. Highbank @ Highbank:
  33. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    make it!
  34. Eric Hostetler @ Eric Hostetler:
    curious as to why my last shout got deleted...
  35. Eric Hostetler @ Eric Hostetler:
    and who deleted it...
  36. Highbank @ Highbank:
    I don't know but do you think these last two Shouts belong in the Shout Box, I don't
  37. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    Ya'll missed it.. I was fastest car on the track!! I was the only car, but still.. Fastest!!! `9`
  38. DaleTona @ DaleTona:
    Ya wan't a cookie? XD
  39. ti2blegrr @ ti2blegrr:
    Is on TS for the first time in over 24 hours.
  40. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    You offering? Don't be teasin me Ian!! `1``23``6`
  41. ti2blegrr @ ti2blegrr:
    I hear Mick prefers rice cakes.
  42. M_Nesevitch @ M_Nesevitch:
    Healthy breakfast and lunch.. Evenin snack now, I'll woof down some cookiez!! `33`
  43. Highbank @ Highbank:
    No double standards here right?
  44. Highbank @ Highbank:
    "Painter: Looking for Work"
  45. ti2blegrr @ ti2blegrr:
  46. Highbank @ Highbank:
    But on the bright side, I just passed 8,000 Reactions....all this cookie talk but when a guy actually earns a cake, is there cake? No there is no cake...again...sigh:'(
  47. ti2blegrr @ ti2blegrr:
    Mick has some rice cakes for you!
  48. Ongias25 @ Ongias25:
    I'll share My cake Bill.
  49. jopajoe @ jopajoe:
    @Highbank, there is a few open request in the Paint section.
  50. CodyHGaming @ CodyHGaming:
    I filmed my first professional race video the other night with the IRA 410 Sprints at Beaver Dam Raceway
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