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  1. Sean Donnelly

    #51 JACOB Industries Base 1.1

    Uploaded as .xcf and .tga files. Layers for the JACOB logos and the #51 are hidden in the .xcf but should be able to be added back on in GIMP.
  2. Sean Donnelly

    2019 Cody Ware #52 Winn-Dixie Camaro 2019-02-22

    A little bare bones, but still. Credits: Render: The Mod Squad Template: Splash N Go Numbers: Top Notch Designs Hendrick Number Set Winn-Dixie logo: Wiki Commons
  3. Sean Donnelly

    2019 Cody Ware #51 JACOB Companies 1.0

    First attempt at a car from scratch, so apologies for the terrible screen caps. Feedback and any tips for using GIMP beginners would be appreciated. Used the JACOB logos from @joeyk's MENCS18 KAN2 51 Used #51 from @Dylan's MENCS18 Unsponsored PHO 51 Template: Splash N' Go Render: The Mod Squad
  4. OneToughCustomer

    Better MENSC19 Camaro Bottom Grille Decal 1.0

    Here's a better Decal of the MENSC19 Camaro Bottom Grille, that looks more like the real life grille than the one that's currently on the template. NOTE: This decal is edited by me from the SNG 4k Template. To install open the template (preferably in photoshop), rasterize the the layer "Frame"...
  5. joeyk

    MENCS18 KAN2 51 BJ McLeod Jacob Companies Camaro 1.0

    Credits: Render-TMS, Logos-Google/me, Number-BER, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor.
  6. joeyk

    MENCS18 MAR2 51 Jeb Burton Jacob Companies Camaro 1.0

    Credits: Render-TMS, Logos- Google/me, (horrible) base-Me, Number-BER, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor.
  7. rob52488

    2018 #88 Alex Bowman Axalta Eagles All Pro Teachers (POC1) 2018-11-15

    Bowman's Ride From The 1st Pocono Race: Base: @Jeremy Murray Driver's Suit: Me Logos: Google, @OneToughCustomer Numbers: SDG(Modified By Me) Template: SNG Renders: Christopher Pierce, @garrett1127
  8. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Request

    Got another league scheme here and man this one is great. a huge shoutout to Chad Mikosz, head honcho and owner of BER, for doing the scheme for me and for sponsoring me! pretty cool to rep BER, plus a huge thanks his way for taking time out of his day for doing this bad boy. burnout scenes are...
  9. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    Finally got around to doing this one, with some help from good friend @OneToughCustomer. believe it or not i remembered to do the fire suit this time, and got it as close as i could to the real one. anyways a few burnout scenes will do, and a couple that include the driver in the scene please...
  10. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Requests

    Been awhile since I last requested some renders. These 2 cars are my new schemes for a new league I joined. overall I'm pretty proud of em. Base: Me Stars Off Salutes Car: @Jeremy Murray Logos: Google Numbers: SDG Template: SNG DER and Burnout Scenes Will Do, But Preferably Burnout Scenes Plz...
  11. rob52488

    Alex Bowman 2018 Nationwide Pet Insurance (RICH2) 2018-10-14

    Here's Bowman's Car From The Federated Auto Parts 400. Render: @garrett1127 Base: SDG Logos: Google Numbers: SDG Template: SNG Playoff Markings: @JacobTB_14 Twitter Icons On Sides: @Nascar20 Rear Logos, And Dog: @Jebrown
  12. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    Made A New League Scheme, And Man Did I Impress Myself. This One Is For My Favorite TV Show Which I'm Sure Many Others Like! Base: Me Logos/Characters: Google Numbers: BER/SDG, Me Template: SNG Some Burnout Scenes And Any Others Will Do Please And Thanks!
  13. HunterRacing70

    2018 Jimmie Johnson #48 Miami Car (.tga File) 2018-09-30

    Jimmie Johnson's Miami Car Credits: Template & Contingencies: SnG Numbers: BER Base: Paint By RAH (Edited by Me) B-Pillars - Blumust10ac Logos: Also Paint By Rah and Google Render: The Mod Squad Note: The Blue and silver is not meant to be dark like this from the tga file
  14. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS18 Dale Earnhardt 2000 The Winston "Rainbow Maximum" Camaro Base.

    Sim:NR2K3 (Offline/Online League) Mod: MENCS18 Car Model:Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Requesting just the BASE: YES Driver Name:N/A Number:N/A Number Font or Link:N/A Number Color(s):N/A Contig Set Pref:N/A Base Info This is base request of Dale Earnhardt's 2000 The Winston Peter Max "Rainbow Maximum"...
  15. rob52488

    2018 #88 Alex Bowman Nationwide Children's Hospital Camaro ZL1 2018-09-21

    Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: BER/SDG, Me Template: SNG Renders: @garrett1127
  16. rob52488

    (FICTIONAL) 2018 #88 Alex Bowman Axalta Standox Camaro ZL1 2018-09-20

    Here's A Little Axalta Fictional For Bowman Based On The Standox Car Gordon Ran In 2013. Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos: Google Numbers: SDG Template: SNG Renders: @Rogue, @garrett1127, @JacobTB_14
  17. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    Phew, man, this is probably one of the most trickiest cars I've done. had a lot of fun with this one. bowman's car from the glen! Base: Me Numbers: Me/SDG Logos: Google Template: SNG and a render like the 48 below and any der scene works please and thank you!
  18. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Render Request

    Got One Last Bowman Request. A Fictional One This Time. DER scenes and a few burnout scenes(example render below) would be nice please and thanks! Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos: Google Numbers: SDG Template: SNG
  19. OneToughCustomer

    William Byron Fictional #24Ever Scheme. 2018-09-18

    A William Byron #24Ever Scheme I made and is roughly based on the #24ever diecast. 1 third of it is from rah another third is from @jeff14124, and the other I made. Also the Napa Auto Parts part is based off of Chase's 2017 Napa scheme. Credits: Base: Rah/ @jeff14124 /Me Logos:Google, Rah, Me...
  20. OneToughCustomer

    Complete 24Ever MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    I'd like some DER renders of a William Byron 24Ever scheme I made please. Credits: Base: Rah/ @jeff14124 /Me Logos:Google, Rah, Me B-Pillars: Alan Harkleroad Numbers:BER Template:SNG