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  1. Canned Failure

    Joey Gase #66 Darlington Unsponsored 1.0

    This is a recreation of Joey Gase's #66 Camry he drove at Darlington for Motorsports Business Management. NOTE: This scheme is not 100% accurate but is very close to the real life variant. Credits: Number: BigEvilRacing Template: Splash N' Go Logos: Google Render: The Mod Squad IRL Photo...
  2. A

    MENCS 2018 Fictional Zaxby's #91 Camry 2019-03-22

    My second car, be gentle!!! I hope you like it, advice wanted and needed!!! Template: Splash 'n' Go Logos and Numbers: Google and Stunod Base: Me
  3. emanuelanto

    #7 Fictional Edelbrock Toyota 2019-02-10

    A Fictional Edelbrock's Paint Scheme, on a Toyota's 2007 Camry template. Credits: RSJR14 and Zone15 for template, The Mod Squad for render, SRD for contingencies, Google for logos and numbers. Enjoy!
  4. rob52488

    Complete GEN6BR13 Camry Render Request

    Here's the design I did for BMR, and personally I love this 16. any scene works, but I know I need some that present the car well, as Mcanally has to present the renders to Napa. Base:Me Logos:Google, @DaleJrFan95 Numbers:BER Contigs: Alan Harkleroad Template:BER Banner...
  5. HunterRacing70

    2018 Kyle Busch Bristol Car (Includes Raced Version) (Both .tga Files) 2018-10-01

    Kyle Busch's Bristol Car Includes the Raced Version. Credits: Template & Contingencies: SNG Base: Antigordo (Edited by me) Numbers: BER B-Pillars: SDG Logos: Google Renders: The Mod Squad
  6. rob52488

    2018 #78 Martin Truex Jr. Bass Pro Shops/5 Hour Energy(DAY2) 2018-09-22

    Here Is Truex's Salutes Car He Nearly Won The July Daytona Race With. Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos: @Rogue, Google Numbers: BER Template: SNG Renders: @garrett1127
  7. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camry Render Request

    Many might be shocked but I finally did a car that's not an 88! XD XD XD but anyways here' good ole' MTJ's Salutes Car From The 2nd Daytona Race That He Nearly Won! Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos: Google Salutes Banner: SDG Numbers: BER Template: SNG If possible i'd like some burnout scenes for...
  8. TF13

    Pintys Toyota Camry Template 2018-07-06

    A simple Camry template for the new pintys mod. It's my first attempt at a template but I hope people can find it useful. Also should mention it goes on the generic fusion body. Just select Pontiac when making a new car and it should fit right over it. Credit to Splash n Go for original template...
  9. KBMfan5418

    MENCS18 Fictional #54 Z-Line Designs Toyota 2018-05-03

    Credits: Base - Antigordo, Mod/Template - Splash 'N' Go, Number - Sage from Racin Grafix, Logos - Sage and Robert Vining from Racin Grafix, Stunod from Stunod Racing and Google, Render - Mod Squad, Program - Jasc Paint Shop Pro, The rest - Me
  10. KBMfan5418

    MENCS18 Fictional #54 Pull-A-Part Toyota 2018-05-03

    Based off Kurt Busch's 2003 scheme. Credits: Mod/Template - Splash 'N' Go, Base - Jeff14124 from Stunod Racing, Logos - Google, Robert Vining and Sage from Racin Grafix, Render - Mod Squad, Program - Jasc Paint Shop Pro, The rest - Me.
  11. KBMfan5418

    MENCS18 Fictional #54 Monster Energy Toyota 2018-05-03

    Credits: Mod/Template - Splash 'N' Go, Number - Sage from Racin Grafix, Logos - Robert Vining and Sage from Racin Grafix and Google, Render - Mod Squad, Program - Jasc Paint Shop Pro, The rest - me
  12. DavenMotorsport

    MENCS 17/18 Fantasy #86 Coca-Cola/M&M's Daven Engineering Toyota 1.0

    This is my first ever car that I have painted for NR2003. It is a fantasy Toyota sponsored by Coca-Cola and M&M'S. Driver: Tom Daven Team: Daven Engineering Painter: Tom Daven Mod: MENCS 2017/2018 Mod Creator: Splash n Go Graphics Templates: Splash n Go Graphics Logos: Bing/Google Search
  13. rob52488

    Complete NXS17 Render Request

    Temp:SRD Numbers:BER Logos:Google Base Work: RAH, Me For Scenes, Do What You Want, As Long As It's Not The Basic Two Car Scene. Something Cool If Possible, Plz And Thx!!!
  14. CodyHGaming

    David Reutimann's #00 2007 Toyota Camry (Daytona Testing) 2018-02-28

    Hey everyone! Here is David Reutimann's #00 2007 Toyota Camry he used for testing at Daytona International Speedway on January 15th, 2007. I know it's nothing special, I mainly made these to try to recreate Aric Almirola's 2007 test flip. I wanted to share them once I was done painting them...
  15. OneToughCustomer

    Erik Jones MLB: The Show18/Gamestop Camry #20 2018-02-11

    A fictional 2018 Erik Jones Toyota Camry for the up coming Playstation Exclusive sports game MLB: The Show 18. Credits: Template: Splash 'N Go Design: @Stunod Sponsors: Google Numbers: Me
  16. Avengersman

    #20 Gen 6 Camry "Wix Filters" Fictional 2017-10-07

    Template: Bill1947 Base: Paint-By-Rah Numbers: Google Contigencies: Me (Images supplied by Google) Design: Me
  17. Smoke14

    2016 NROL Aquafina Cup Series Custom Paint Scheme Carset V1

    You will need 7-Zip to extract these cars to your Gen6BR or Gen6BR15 cars folder. These are the custom paint schemes that were used in my NROL Aquafina Cup Series. Credits: BigEvilRacing for the templates and numbers Google Images for the logos Teejay Handley at Th Designs for 20 of the cars Me...
  18. Avengersman

    #49 Gen 6 Camry "Arizona" Fictional 2017-08-16

    Lol I finally found out how to get my cars 3D rendered Logos: Google Design: Me Numbers: Bulldog Motorsports Templates: Bullring Motorsports Contigencies: Google
  19. Avengersman

    #36 Gen 6 Camry "American Cancer Society" Fictional 2017-08-13

    I made this car for The Iceman and his road to recovery. I hope you guys will like it :) Logos: Google Design: Me Number Set: Bulldog Motorsports Templates: Bill1947 Base: Antigordo Contigencies: Google
  20. Avengersman

    #14 Gen 6 Camry "" Fictional 2017-08-10

    Logos: Google Design:Me Number Set: Bulldog Motorsports Templates: Bullring Motorsports Contigencies: Google