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  1. emanuelanto

    #8 Retro Dale Jr. 2003 Test Car 2019-02-07

    This time, I realized one of the Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 2003 Testing Cars. Hope that all of You like It! Credits: Splash And Go for the template, The Mod Squad for the Render Scene, Google for logo and numbers.
  2. CodyHGaming

    Jason Johnson's #41 2018 Sprint Car (World of Outlaws) 2018-09-20

    Hello everyone! Here is my attempt at Jason Johnson's 2018 World of Outlaws car for the Supersprint mod. This car is my unofficial tribute to him, and I also plan on doing his two other primary paint schemes he frequently used. This is for the Supersprint mod with gns physics. Pit crew included...
  3. CodyHGaming

    Help need finding a couple contigs for Jason Johnson tribute car

    Hey y'all. I'm putting the finishing touches on my Jason Johnson tribute car for the Supersprint mod, but am having trouble finding a few logos. I've circled the two I'm missing in green. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. CodyHGaming

    Kyle Petty's #45 2007 Dodge Charger (Daytona Testing) 2018-02-28

    Hey everyone! Here is Kyle Petty's #45 2007 Dodge Charger he used for testing at Daytona International Speedway on January 17th, 2007. I know it's nothing special, I mainly made these to try to recreate Aric Almirola's 2007 test flip. I wanted to share them once I was done painting them. Thanks...
  5. Stunod

    Late Model v2 - Render Room Brazil 3D Scene 2018-01-29

    This is was made with 3dmax 2009 with Brazil RS. Credits: Original model by The Late Model Project. Thanks guys!!!
  6. StreamCheese

    (FIctional) #21 Louisiana Hot Sauce Chevy Camero Xfinty Car 2017-12-31

    Car For NXS17 Mod The site I got the base from is down atm so ATM the credits to the base will be blank Base Scheme Credits: TBA
  7. StreamCheese


    I'm excited to announce that I am working on a mod for nr2003. now this mod is for MCIRODS which are cars driven by kids age 5-17 and atm I race these things and I've always wanted to have them in nr2003. After extensive learning and research I am finally ready to get things started on the mod...
  8. CodyHGaming

    Kevin Lepage's #61 2008 Ford Fusion (Aaron's 312) 2017-11-16

    Hey everyone! I present to you my attempt at Kevin Lepage's 2008 #61 Ford Fusion that he ran at the 2008 Aaron's 312 at Talladega SuperSpeedway in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. This car was obviously made famous for Kevin pulling off the ultimate fail and pulling out in front of the entire field...
  9. Hii

    2017 Fictional #4 Mountain Dew 2017-11-06

    Credits: Template: Bullring. Base: Paints by Rah. Logos: Google and Stunod. Monster Banner: SRD. Numbers: Google.
  10. PepsiBoy428

    BR15 Fictional PJ Masks Chevy 1.0.1

    Made this car last night for my niece and nephew who LOVE PJ Masks. There are 3 different .tga files in this .zip file, each with A different rear windshield driver name and they are 2048 and these import on the Toyota Camry chassis. Credits: Base scheme: RAH Template: Bill1947 Logos: Google...
  11. Avengersman

    #14 Gen 6 Camry "" Fictional 2017-08-10

    Logos: Google Design:Me Number Set: Bulldog Motorsports Templates: Bullring Motorsports Contigencies: Google
  12. Mike32799

    #12 Ryan Blaney 2014 Retro 2017-06-02

    I had an idea and decided to bring Ryan Blaney's 2014 car into 2017. Credits: Base by me, contigs from Alan Harkleroad, numbers from BER, Template by Bill1947 on, logos from google, render by garrett1127
  13. Stunod

    NASCAR Race Car 2017 Logo 2017-05-20

    Here is a hi-res version of the new era 2017 NASCAR Race Car Logo. This logo is a vector shape and can be used at any size you need! Easy to change colors and size of any part of this logo!
  14. Mike32799

    2017 - #10 Mobil 1 Annual Protection - (Bristol 1) 1.0

    This is the car Danica Patrick drove at the first Bristol race this year. Credits: Base by me, contigs from Alan Harkleroad, numbers from big evil racing, Template by Bill1947 on, logos from google, NRatings
  15. Andrew54

    Complete Orange Crush #54 Toyota

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Sim: NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Mod: Gen6BR15 Car Model: 2018 Toyota Camry Driver Name: Andrew Tonn Number: 54 Number Font or Link: The Reese's font...
  16. Mike32799

    2017 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 Sunny D Ford 1.0

    Credits: Template by Bill1947 on, base by stunod on, numbers from google images, contigs from Alan Harkleroad, Ratings by NRatings
  17. Mike32799

    2017 D.J.Kennington #96 Lordco Auto Parts Toyota 1.0

    This is the car DJ Kennington drove in the Daytona 500. Not the best but i think it turned out ok but could have been much better. Also missing some logos. Credits: Numbers from Big Evil Raacing. Logos from Google images, Base by me, Toyota template by Bill1947 @, Contigs by...
  18. Stunod

    #75 Clay Rogers - 2014 Richmond 2017-01-26

    Fully vector shaped number of Clay Rogers #75 from Richmond in 2014.