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  1. Wjw1888

    2019 Josh Bilicki Whitetail Smokeless Silverado 2019-10-24

    CREDITS: Template: Bill1947, Skyline Customs Number: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google Render: The Mod Squad
  2. DMR Mann

    2019 Niece Motorsports 6 Pack 1.0

    Here are 6 Niece Motorsports trucks run from select races so far this year! Really enjoyed making these wonderful schemes and we now have a white Chastain Paul Jr. Designs scheme! The wheels on that truck are indeed white as well. Hope you all enjoy! Creds as always: Bases: Me Templates...
  3. DMR Mann

    2019 Trey Hutchens III 2 Pack 1.0

    These are two of the trucks Trey Hutchens has run so far this season. This was actually one of my most difficult trucks to create logo wise. I've never even heard of any of these companies and some were completely hidden. These were supposed to be done yesterday, but something else came up and I...
  4. Wjw1888

    2019 Timmy Hill Hill Motorsports Silverado 2019-08-07

    One of Timmy's 2019 Trucks that he ran for his own team at Martinsville. Template: Team Om3ga, DMR Mann Number: BigEvilRacing Logos: Google Render: TheModSquad
  5. jopajoe

    Fictional #43 Throwback 2019-08-04

    Rendered by: Me on garrett1127's Scene Base By: Antigordo gen6 base ported to the MENCS19 Logo's:,,,,, Numbers: Sage Contingency decals: S-n-G, Alan and myself Template: SPLASH-n-GO Camaro Tail Lights: BED
  6. DMR Mann

    2019 Bobby Gerhart Lucas Oil 63 1.0

    Here is Bobby Gerhart's truck ride from the first Daytona race this year! Creds as always: Base: me Template: Skyline's 2019 Silverado Numbers: Google Logos: Also Google Render: The Mod Squad Also, the truck does have white rims. I guess the render doesn't pick them up or something.
  7. DMR Mann

    2018-2019 Codie Rohrbaugh Truck Set 1.0

    These are 4 trucks that Codie ran during his part time rookie seasons in 2018 and 2019. Not much difference in them other than the 2019 Silverado, which has a bit more little logos on the B post and a team logo. The Grant County Mulch logo was difficult to find, and is the reason why it may not...
  8. Xerex

    #27 Ross Chastain Xchange of America Chevrolet Camaro 2019-07-12

    This paint scheme was used by the melon man in last weeks race at Daytona. The pit crew is included. Car isn't rated. Credits: Template: SplashnGo Render: Mod Squad Logos: Their respective companies Images for reference: Reddit, MRN Program: GIMP Some pics:
  9. jopajoe

    #43 Bubba Wallace (Bristol) 2019-04-07

    Rendered by: Me on garrett1127's Scene Base By: Me Logo's:,,,, Numbers: Sage Contingency decals: S-n-G, Alan and myself Template: SPLASH-n-GO Camaro Tail lights: BER
  10. jopajoe

    #43 Bubba Wallace McDonald's 2019-02-23

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's:,,,, Numbers: Sage Contingency decals: S-n-G, Alan and myself Template SPLASH-n-GO
  11. Sean Donnelly

    2019 Ryan Truex #71 Accell Construction 1.0

    Ryan Truex's Daytona 500 car! Hope you all like it. Ratings at 40-60. Template: Splash N' Go Number and secondary sponsors: TBR's tweet link TBR logo: wiki Render: The Mod Squad Accell Logo: Racingrafx
  12. Sean Donnelly

    2019 Cody Ware #51 JACOB Companies 1.0

    First attempt at a car from scratch, so apologies for the terrible screen caps. Feedback and any tips for using GIMP beginners would be appreciated. Used the JACOB logos from @joeyk's MENCS18 KAN2 51 Used #51 from @Dylan's MENCS18 Unsponsored PHO 51 Template: Splash N' Go Render: The Mod Squad
  13. jopajoe

    #1 Bulls Eye Chevy 2019-01-14

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's and Numbers: Big Mike's decal scan Contingency decals: Alan Harkleroad Requested By: SNG template
  14. jopajoe

    #21 David Pearson 2019-01-13

    Rendered by: garrett1127 Base By: Me Logo's: Various Picture's and Old Scanned Hero cards Numbers: Altered City BQ font Contingency decals: Alan Harkleroad Requested By: SNG template
  15. MoonShibe64

    2002 Jeff Gordon Pepsi/Dupont Talladega car for CUP98 1.0 FINAL

    This car is based around Jeff Gordon's 2002 Pepsi Dupont car from Talladega on the CUP98 Mod. It is not 100 percent accurate! Number: BER Template: SNG Logos: Google/Logo Sheets i found on various sites Render: TMS Render System
  16. joeyk

    MENCS18 KAN2 51 BJ McLeod Jacob Companies Camaro 1.0

    Credits: Render-TMS, Logos-Google/me, Number-BER, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor.
  17. joeyk

    MENCS18 MAR2 51 Jeb Burton Jacob Companies Camaro 1.0

    Credits: Render-TMS, Logos- Google/me, (horrible) base-Me, Number-BER, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor.
  18. rob52488

    Complete Cup2000 Render Request

    Any Scenes Plz And Thx! Getting back to basics with a simplistic and very simple scheme! Base:Me Logos:Google Numbers:BER Template:SNG
  19. andrew48

    2018 MENCS Chevy Camaro 48 Jimmie Johnson 2006 Throwback 2018-07-21

    A #48 Jimmie Johnson 2006 throwback for the 2018 MENCS Chevy Camaro. Credits ---------- Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Base: Me Logos: Google Images Contigencies: Splash N' Go Graphics Render: Number:TN Designs
  20. Smoke14

    (NXS17) 2018 Ryan Sieg #39 Lombard Bros Gaming Dash4Cash - DOV1 2018-05-05

    Ryan Sieg's #39 Lombard Bros Gaming that he ran at the 2018 OneMain Financial 200 at Dover in contention for the Dash4Cash. Credits: Template: MattyO Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google, Ryan Sieg Racing, Joseph Lombard Contingencies: Google, Alan Harkleroad Pit crew: games123 Render...