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  1. TheFlynnZone

    MENCS 19 - Dale Earnhardt 1998 Fictional QP 3.0

    Yep, it is a fictional car of the great Earnhardt's Goodwrench paint scheme from 1998 that was remade on a Toyota Camry and used the Quarter Panel number placement. Credits: Logos: Google, Stunod Contingencies: OneToughCustomer Render: TMS Number: Big Evil Racing Template: Splash & Go Base...
  2. DaleJrFan95

    #3 Dale Earnhardt Test Car 2019-03-18

    RCR test car from the late 1990s. Credit: Render: TMS Template: Splash N Go Number: BigEvilRacing Comes with ratings, no crew.
  3. James Qualls

    Retro 1987 Dale Earnhardt #3 Wrangler Chevrolet (MENCS2019 Mod) 2019-02-06

    Retro 1987 Dale Earnhardt Wrangler Chevrolet for the new MENCS 2019 mod. Credits: TMS for the renders, Splash N Go for the Templates, Big Evil Racing for the Numbers, and SRD for the contigs
  4. James Qualls

    MENCS 2019 Retro Dale Earnhardt #3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet 2018-12-24

    Retro Dale Earnhardt GM Goodwrench Chevrolet for the new MENCS 2019 mod. Credits: Splash N Go for the Templates, SRD for the contigs, Big Evil Racing for the Numbers, and Stunod for the Render.
  5. OneToughCustomer

    Action Collectables logo help

    Does any one know where I can find the Action collectables logo that is on the rear quarter panel from Dale Earnhardt's 1996 Japan Car?
  6. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS18 Dale Earnhardt 2000 The Winston "Rainbow Maximum" Camaro Base.

    Sim:NR2K3 (Offline/Online League) Mod: MENCS18 Car Model:Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Requesting just the BASE: YES Driver Name:N/A Number:N/A Number Font or Link:N/A Number Color(s):N/A Contig Set Pref:N/A Base Info This is base request of Dale Earnhardt's 2000 The Winston Peter Max "Rainbow Maximum"...
  7. James Qualls

    Retro Dale Earnhardt #3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet (NXS16 Mod) 2018-09-23

    This car is part of my Castrol GTX Series Carset for the DMR NXS16 Mod. Retro Dale Earnhardt #3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet Camaro. Credits: DMR for the Templates, Sim Racing Design and RacinGrafx for the Contigs, and Big Evil Racing for the Numbers.
  8. OneToughCustomer

    Dale Earnhardt 2018 Camaro ZL1 Base 2018-09-03

    Here's a base I made of Dale Earnhardt's iconic Goodwrench scheme on a camaro. Credits: Base: Me Render: TMS
  9. OneToughCustomer

    Austin Dillon 2018 throwback Camaro 2018-09-01

    Here's Austin Dillon's Throwback to Dale Earnhardt's 1995 All-Star car. Credits: Base: Me Template: SNG Numbers: BER Logos: Me/American Ethanol/Dow/ Bass Pro Shops Render: @Highbank @Rogue
  10. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS18 Throwback Render Request.

    Can a have some simple DER renders of Austin Dillon's 1995 All-Star Dale Earnhardt Throwback scheme he reveiled today at the track please. Also any scene's you guys wanna play around with this scheme feel free to do so.
  11. Tre Cool

    GM Parts Logo ftom 1988-94 for Dale Earnhardt's GM Goodwrench sponsorship 2018-08-28

    This is the GM Parts logo that adorned the hood of the famous black GM Goodwrench #3 Chevrolet of Dale Earnhardt's car from 1988-94 (in this color and style of course). Please rate and comment and if you use, please give credit. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks, Tre Cool Grafx
  12. OneToughCustomer

    Dale Earnhardt 1998 scheme logo find.

    Can anyone help me find the the fonts, what the white writing says, and the logos in this image that are circled?
  13. OneToughCustomer

    Dale Earnhardt Victory Lap Scheme. 2018-08-02

    Here's Cup 2000 version of the Dale Earnhardt Victory lap scheme I made a while ago. That apperently Mike Skinner tested after Nextel/Sprint tookover in '04. Credits: Template: Om3ga Racing Base: Me Sponsors: @Tre Cool /Google Numbers: BER Door Name: @Tre Cool Render: TMS Driver Suit: @3fan
  14. Tre Cool

    Wrangler Jeans Decals FULLY LAYERED Outlined 2018-06-29

    Here's the Wrangler Jeans decals that were made famous in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series by Dale Earnhardt & RCR in the 1980's and also gave Dale the nickname, "One Tough Customer". This Wrangler decal set, including the galloping horse is fully layered making it easier to remove the outline or...
  15. Tre Cool

    Dale Earnhardt Car Door Signature 2018-05-30

    Dale Earnhardt signature and doors ignature outlined in Red. Madeb byTré Cool Grafx. Hope you like it! The image is large enough so you can erase the red outline if wanted or needed to..
  16. Tre Cool

    Dale Earnhardt GM Goodwrench Service Plus Decal Set version 2.0

    Dale Earnhardt GM GoodwrenchService Plus Decal Sheet. 6000 x 6000 resolutionq uality. Please give credit to Tré Cool Grafx if used. Hope you enjoy. Tré Cooledge
  17. OneToughCustomer

    Fictional Austin Dillon Dale Earnhardt Daytona 500 win throwback 2018 Camaro 2018-04-17

    My Austin Dillon Throwback to Dale Sr's only win in the Daytona 500. Credits: Base: @jeff14124 Template: SNG Numbers: BER Logos: Me/American Ethanol/Dow/ Bass Pro Shops
  18. 3fan

    3fan's Showroom

    Just got back into NR2003 painting after a long absence. Big Thank You to the WinstonCup98 mod for pulling me back in. Shortly before I stopped painting I started working on the four drivers suits below, and when I saw the WinstonCup1998 mod, I knew that I had to finish them. I made the...
  19. OneToughCustomer

    Dale Earnhardt Fictional '01 Default Cup cars [RE-UPLOADED] 2018-03-22

    Well there's My Dale Sr 2001 default cup cars I made for @DaleTona 's 2001 Mock season available for download. *NOTE* This is a re upload I accidently deleted the old download file instead of deleting the update for it #opps. So here is the re uploaded version with the update which is the newest...
  20. OneToughCustomer

    Complete Original Cup Render

    Can I please have an angled over head view of 30 degrees vertical and 35 degrees horizontal render of three different cars. If the angles are possible.