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  1. CodyHGaming

    1990 NASCAR Winston Cup Series Season File 2018-06-09

    Hey everyone! Here is a season file representing the 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season. 29 races. For the most part I tried to use tracks either of the same year or the closest existing prior version, the only tracks I used "future" versions of were ones where the closest prior version of...
  2. Brandon Hall

    Downloading Zip Files

    FIrst off I'd like to say I'm new to the site and this may be a dumb question, but when trying to download a logo to use in a paint scheme, the only option is to download the file as a zip file. How or what can I do to convert it or open it in GIMP as a png or a similar file? Thanks is advance!
  3. Stunod

    GearWrench Logo Hi-Res 2016-12-15

    Here is a hi-res version of the GearWrench Logo from Jamie McMurray's 2017 paint scheme. This logo is a vector shape and can be used at any size you need! Font used for this logo: ITC Eras Std Ultra Bold
  4. Stunod

    2016 Racing Hood Avatars 2016-11-09

    Here is a fresh look at the new 2016 NASCAR Avatar Hoods for Chevy, Ford, and Toyota! The original shadows and parts are from BigEvilRacing's 2048 templates. Endless creations can be made with this PSD Hood Avatar file. Now added the following layers to make it more realistic! Dirt (Raced...
  5. Stunod

    Racing Hood Avatars 2016-10-22

    Endless creations can be made with this PSD Hood Avatar file. Let's see what you come up with! Fill free to download and use any of the hoods below!
  6. Skyline

    Kevin Campbell Graphics logo 2016-10-02

    I made a graphics logo for myself and decided why not put it up.