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  1. ZachC98

    Excedrin Retro Base 2023-09-30

    Based off the Excedrin Cars run the Busch Series in the Early 2000's, for the Chevrolet Model. Base I uploaded to my old NR2003 graphics site in 2017. Uploading here for preservation.
  2. ZachC98

    Dewalt Base (2009 Roush Racing) 2023-09-30

    Based on Matt Kenseth's 2009 Dewalt Scheme, for Toyota Model. Base I uploaded to my old NR2003 graphics site in 2017. Uploading here for preservation.
  3. KaueGamer120

    Ficticional Intel Car N°1 1.0.0

    Mod=Gen6BR15 Logos=Google Templane=Big Evil Racing Contingency Decals=Sim Racing Design Base=Me Reders=Zmodeler for Cinema4D
  4. D

    Sabaton Chevy SS 1

    Sabaton Camo Chevy SS for Gen6BR15. Credits: Template; BER Contigs; Came with Template Sponsor; Wikimedia Commons Base; Me Numbers; Me Render; The Mod Squad
  5. Anthony_Fox

    Anthony Fox's Discord paint Scheme 2.0

    This is my very first custom paint scheme. Please give me feedback
  6. BowmanFan88

    2018 Alex Bowman Axalta 2017-12-07

    Numbers:BER Base:NDG(now dead) Logos:Google Template: @HunterRacing70 Render:TMS
  7. Mapelhorpe

    #28 Avenged Sevenfold Ford Fusion ( BR15 ) 2017-12-02

    Two versions of these. This one is BR15. Other one is MENS Mod. Credits: Template: Big Evil Racing ( Modified By Me. ) Logos: Google Design: Me Team Logo: Me Mod: Gen6 BR15 Font: Adler Contigs: Splash And Go ( Taken From The Original MENS Car. ) PICTURES
  8. Ahapp

    Kevin Harvick 2018 Jimmy Johns Fusion 2017-11-20

    Kevin Harvick's 2018 Jimmy Johns Ford Fusion Template: Bill 1947 ; Numbers: BER ; Base: Me ; Sponsors: Google / Me *Will Update with any corrections once the full car view is available
  9. NASCARfan2048

    BR15 Fictional PJ Masks Chevy 1.0.1

    Made this car last night for my niece and nephew who LOVE PJ Masks. There are 3 different .tga files in this .zip file, each with A different rear windshield driver name and they are 2048 and these import on the Toyota Camry chassis. Credits: Base scheme: RAH Template: Bill1947 Logos: Google...
  10. Smoke14

    Gen6 #25 Freescale Ford 1

    Credits: Big Evil Racing for the template and the numbers Sim Racing Design for the contingencies Google Images for the logos
  11. Jason Onofre

    Jimmie Johnson Fictional Kobalt Camaro 2017-08-19

    Base: Rah, Fitted to be on the Camaro. Template: Bill1947 Render: garrett1127
  12. James Qualls

    #70 Hunt Brothers Pizza / Foretravel Chevrolet (BR15 Gen 6) 2017-07-18

    Credits: SRD for the contigs, Big Evil Racing for the Numbers and Base, Big Evil Racing and Google Images for the Logos, and to Stunod for the Render.
  13. NASCARfan2048

    Retro Kevin Harvick 2002 Now Sell Tires! Gen615 1.0

    Always liked this scheme, so figured I'd remake it. *This is A mix of the real version and the version seen in NASCAR Thunder 2003/2004* Credits: Base scheme: SDG Template: BER(with updates from Blumust10ac) Logos: Google, Me, BOTW, SDG, SBR, ranman38 for the Badwrench font used for some logos...
  14. NASCARfan2048

    #38 Krystal Dodge Charger 1.0

    Recently returned from Florida and felt like painting A car, I couldn't decide what sponsor it should be, so I decided it to be Krystal bc on the way back I had some boneless wings from Krystal and they were good! so Here's my latest scheme! 2048 res! Credits: Base scheme by me. Template and...
  15. N

    Gen6 Chevy Impala

    Does anyone know where I can find it? I've been searching for a while.
  16. Pantallica

    Kurt Busch 2017 Monster Energy Ford. 2017-04-23

    Kurt Busch's Monster Energy Ford, enjoy! Credits, Template - Big Evil Racing Base - Me Numbers - Big Evil Racing Haas Cnc logo and contigs - Alan Harkleroad Other logos - Google
  17. BriscoeFan14

    Fictional Jonny Gardner #88 WCW-Tracphone Pontiac G8 1.0

    Fictional Blaise Alexander scheme from 2000 put on the #88 and on the Pontiac G8 Template.. Thanks to a good friend of mine to paint this for me.
  18. Mike32799

    2017 Kevin Harvick #4 Mobil 1 Ford 1.0

    This is the car Kevin Harvick drove at Las Vegas. Again, not 100% Credits: Numbers from Big Evil Racing, Base by me, Contigs by Alan Harkleroad, Template by Bill1947 at Logos from google images, Ratings from NRatings
  19. Mike32799

    2017 Ricky Stenhouse Jr. #17 Sunny D Ford 1.0

    Credits: Template by Bill1947 on, base by stunod on, numbers from google images, contigs from Alan Harkleroad, Ratings by NRatings
  20. Mike32799

    2017 D.J.Kennington #96 Lordco Auto Parts Toyota 1.0

    This is the car DJ Kennington drove in the Daytona 500. Not the best but i think it turned out ok but could have been much better. Also missing some logos. Credits: Numbers from Big Evil Raacing. Logos from Google images, Base by me, Toyota template by Bill1947 @, Contigs by...