matt kenseth

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  1. Andle

    Matt Kenseth Fictional Last Ride Camaro 1.1

    Credits Mod: MENCS19 Model: Chevy Camaro Template: SNG Logos: BER, Google Numbers: BER Base: Me Renders: Garrett 1127 My thoughts on what Matt Kenseth's last ride would look like If I made it. based off of the last paint scheme he ran for JGR and a scheme that he ran with the 17 car.
  2. Kyle Funderburk


    Hey everyone. I'm looking for the McDonald's wordmark used on the side of the #42 cars. I've found plenty of McDonald's wordmarks online, but none have the outline.
  3. Pantallica

    MENCup2018 - 50 Car Carset V.1

    Yes, you read that correctly. 50 cars. Every single car I've made this season thus far (at this point in time). Every car comes with a pitcrew. Enjoy! Credits, Templates - Splash N' Go Graphics Logos - @Stunod, Checker_MC, @Gravite, @IPugHD, crazyboy335, MasGrafx, Big Evil Racing, MRD/SDG...
  4. F

    2001 Matt Kenseth Dewalt/Rookie of the Year 2000 - Daytona 500 (Cup2000) 1.0

    This is Matt Kenseth's 2001 Daytona 500 paint scheme for the Cup2000 mod. It's not perfect, but it should help you create that accurate 2001 Daytona carset. Logos from Google. Base by me. Templates and contigs from Om3ga. Thanks to all for helping me and sorry again that I don't have a picture...
  5. Pantallica

    MENCup2018 - Matt Kenseth Roush #DoYouKnowJack Ford (CLT1) V.1

    Matt Kenseth's car that he'll be running in The All Star Race, enjoy! Credits, Template - Splash 'n Go Graphics Numbers - Big Evil Racing Logos/Contigs - Splash 'n Go Graphics, Google Images Signature - @Stunod Render - @garrett1127
  6. Pantallica

    MENCup2018 - Matt Kenseth Dewalt Fictional V.1

    Based on his 2017 paint scheme, enjoy! Credits, Template - Splash 'n Go Graphics Numbers - Big Evil Racing Logos/Signature - @Stunod, Checker_MC, Google Images Contigs - Splash 'n Go Graphics Render - TheModSquad
  7. Pantallica

    MENCup2017 - Matt Kenseth Freightliner 2017-12-10

    Matt Kenseth's Freightliner paint scheme that was ran at Michigan, enjoy! Credits, Template - Splash N' Go Graphics Contigs - Splash N' Go Graphics Logos - Google Images Numbers - Big Evil Racing Signature - Stunod Render - The Mod Squad
  8. A

    Complete Circle K Matt Kenseth Base

    Does anyone know where I can find this base?
  9. Pantallica

    Matt Kenseth NXS17 Fictional V.1

    In light of Matt Kenseth's announcement that he will be stepping away for the 2018 Season, I decided to throw this together quick. I tried to keep it as accurate as possible to his 2015/6 paint scheme, but had to move some things around due to the template being slightly different from the cup...
  10. BowmanFan88

    Complete Matt Kenseth Peak Request

    How and where are planning to use this paint? Online, videos,and personal Sim: NR2003 Mod: BR15 Car Model: 2018 Toyota Camry Requesting just the BASE? N Driver Name: Matt Kenseth Number: 20 Number Font or Link: Joe Gibbs Number Color(s): white Contig Set Pref: MENCS Base Info NOTE: If this is...
  11. BowmanFan88

    Complete another 2 pack of nxs17 cars rendered

    Put these 2 together as they are 2 fictionals made with the same base. credits: contigs, numbers,logos,and bases from rah any render is fine please and thanks
  12. hokiegrad

    2003 Matt Kenseth CWS15 retro 2017-03-29

    Based on his car from his 2003 Championship season. Temp-Bill1947 (I love that black grill) base-me Number-mrd logos-google and me Crew-me, and has nratings based on his 2003 cup season
  13. alfiejay

    Fictional #17 Matt Kenseth Gen6 2016 2016-07-31

    Fictional #17 Matt Kenseth DeWalt Chevy Monte Carlo On a Gen6 Chevy Temp BER: Base By Me Logos From Google Renders By The Iceman: