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  1. James Qualls

    Kyle Petty #42 Mello Yello Pontiac (ICR Mod) 2020-05-25

    The #42 Mello Yello Pontiac for Kyle Petty, for the ICR Mod. Credits: Big Evil Racing for the Number and base, Templates and Render: Armory Digital Designs' and Mystical
  2. James Qualls

    Retro 1991 Kyle Petty #42 Mello Yello Pontiac (SnG 2003-05 Mod) 2019-12-10

    Throwback to Kyle Petty's 1991 #42 Mello Yello Pontiac for the SnG 2003-05 mod. Credits: Templates and Contigs: Splash n Go, and Render: garrett1127.
  3. Stunod

    Mello Yello Layered Logo 2019-08-27

  4. James Qualls

    Retro 1991 Kyle Petty #42 Mello Yello Chevrolet (MENCS2019 Mod) 2019-01-13

    Retro 1991 Kyle Petty #42 Mello Yello Chevrolet for the new MENCS 2019 mod. Credits: Splash N Go for the Templates, Big Evil Racing for the Numbers, and SRD for the contigs , TMS render.
  5. James Qualls

    Days of Thunder Cole Trickle Mello Yello Chevrolet #51 (Cup98 Mod) 2018-10-15

    Cole Trickle's #51 Mello Yello Chevrolet Days of Thunder Car for the Cup98 mod Credit: Splash n Go Graphics for the templates
  6. UnsaintedIX

    #42 Mello Yello Gen 6 Retro 1.0

    This is a Gen 6 retro of Kyle Petty's classic Mello Yello scheme, and it's on a Pontiac! CREDITS: Base: me. Numbers: BER. Sponsor logos: Google Image Search. Template: original Bullring, Pontiac G8 parts by Armory Digital. Driver suit and pit crew borrowed from Cup90 car sets.
  7. Stunod

    NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Logo 2016-08-18

    This logo comes in a .psd format and it is completely layered from the rings to the background and text! Make your own series logos in any color with this file! Hi-Res at 2000 x 1046