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  1. Rick Witt #68

    Ricc's Radical Rotund Racing Rainbow iRacing Scheme showcase

    I figured even though iRacing is pretty much NR2003 at the core I would be better off shoving this stuff here. All of these are my schemes and if you have iRacing you can just find them on TP unless I state otherwise. Sometimes I make a scheme for just my own use. #334 Bob Schoepke #604 Eric...
  2. zak103tv

    #5 OKC Thunder NBA CWS 15/16 1

    CREDITS: SNG/TMS - Mod & Template Logos: Google Render: TMS Rated Driver
  3. emanuelanto

    #51 Fictional Bridgestone Toyota 2019-02-09

    A fictional Bridgestone's Paint Scheme, realized on a Toyota's template. This will be, probably, the last work for this mod. Credits: Splash And Go for template, SRD for contingencies, The Mod Squad for render, Google for logos and numbers. Enjoy!
  4. Stunod

    Kasey Kahne #95 ProCore 2018 Base 2019-01-07

    Mod: SNG - MENCS19 Template: SNG Base: @Stunod Logo: Google Render Scene: @garrett1127, Fin Mod by @Rogue Rendered: @Stunod This download does not include any parts from the template, It is only the paint scheme layers. You will have to import on to a template if you want to use.
  5. DaMan

    #90 Kimi Raikkonen Fictional - Second Attempt 2018-11-11

    Here we go again Ford template by Brian Simpson Circuit De La Sarthe 1967 by The US Pits Scuderia Ferrari numbers by TheTrueMarcster Special thanks to MaxofMine for the recomendations
  6. DaMan

    #90 Kimi Raikkonen Fictional 2018-10-22

    My first Default Cup car I don't remember who made the Dodge template Indianapolis track IndyCar layout by NASCARFUNFACTS Scuderia Ferrari numbers by TheTrueMarcster
  7. DaMan

    #9 Air Italy/Red Bull Italia Mazda 2018-10-21

    GTP mod by Team Redline Mazda template by Wardog Design Red Bull Racing numbers by MasGrafx Le Mans track by Glapa Sylvain and Brendan Kaczmarek
  8. bubba_wallace

    Where can I find this?

    Does anyone know where i can find this as a base? I checked Paint By Rah, but found nothing.
  9. DaMan

    #72 FedEx Sauber 2018-09-28

    One of my first cars GTP Mod by Team Redline Templates by Wardog Design Indianapolis F1 track by Racer42
  10. captincanada

    Kyle Larson 2018 Vegas Strong (LAS2) 2018-09-16

    Base,Driver Suit, and Pit box: SNG (Giving credit to all of these), Logos:Google, Render:TMS
  11. andrew48

    2018 MENCS Chevy Camaro 48 Jimmie Johnson 2006 Throwback 2018-07-21

    A #48 Jimmie Johnson 2006 throwback for the 2018 MENCS Chevy Camaro. Credits ---------- Template: Splash N' Go Graphics Base: Me Logos: Google Images Contigencies: Splash N' Go Graphics Render: Number:TN Designs
  12. LoganHasper

    Looking For paint schemes...

    Does anyone know where i could find some downloadable form of the following paint schemes? (2017 or 18 MENCS mod for fords and toyotas 2018 MENCS for chevys), Roush #60, 99, 16. Hendrick #5, 25. SHR Camaro #00, #10. I would paint them myself but i dont have the resources too. Any and all Help is...
  13. LoganHasper

    Why dont i have the privileges to make a paint scheme request?

    What to i have to do to get privileges to post paint scheme requests?
  14. StreamCheese

    #98 Kevin Harvick HBP Ford (Atlanta) 2018 2018-02-28

    This is harvicks dominating car at Atlanta this past week and this is for the NXS17 mod (Notes: I couldn't find a hunt brother pizza logo with a white outline as well as I couldn't make it so there was no white box around the stewart-haas logo) Credits: Base: Jeremy Murray...
  15. StreamCheese

    2018 #14 Clint Bowyer Mobil One Ford (Rendition) 2018-02-25

    This a rendition of Clint bowyers 2017 Mobil one scheme he ran in a few races. a few things different from the decals and the hood logos and other things just to make it in the style I felt fit it. Credits: Number...
  16. StreamCheese

    (Fictional) #35 2018 Front Row Motorsports Aspen Dental/Great Clips Ford Fusion 2018-02-14

    Credits Number: Front Row Motorsports Logos: Aspen Dental Website And Google For Great Clips
  17. Mapelhorpe

    #40 CardConnect/First Data Chevrolet SS 2018-01-11

    I had alot of fun making this paint scheme, just gonna let you know that. Only For The MENCS mod. GET THE MOD HERE: CREDITS! Contigs, Template ETC.: Splash And Go and Big Evil Racing (I think BER helped. Sorry if i made...
  18. Stunod

    Stunod's Showroom

    Here is a fictional mountain dew paint scheme. I was looking at something on my phone and saw a black mountain dew hat and it some how inspired me to paint this! Credits Mod: Gen6 by @BullRing Motorsports Template: @Bill1947 Render Scene: @The Iceman Contigs: @Skyline Logos: Me Base: Me
  19. StreamCheese

    (FIctional) #21 Louisiana Hot Sauce Chevy Camero Xfinty Car 2017-12-31

    Car For NXS17 Mod The site I got the base from is down atm so ATM the credits to the base will be blank Base Scheme Credits: TBA
  20. StreamCheese

    (Fictional) Christopher #4 JBL Xfinty Series Car 2018 2017-12-31

    #4 Christopher Bell 2018 Xfinty Car Base Made By Smoke14 This is my first scheme I've ever uploaded to this site I hope you guys enjoy (I couldn't find the real number 4 he used in trucks so I made one that looks really close)