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  1. Davidellias

    Complete Original Cup Render Requests

    "MOD": Original Cup BASE / Logos / Numbers: Mostly handmade, Best Logo I think is the one from wikipedia, and Number I did get off the internet so it should be easy to find. Template: IAM27PAUL I am looking for each individual car to have a render of the car "on track" also if there is a Garage...
  2. rob52488

    Complete Cup2000 Render Request

    Any Scenes Plz And Thx! Getting back to basics with a simplistic and very simple scheme! Base:Me Logos:Google Numbers:BER Template:SNG
  3. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Render Request

    Got One Last Bowman Request. A Fictional One This Time. DER scenes and a few burnout scenes(example render below) would be nice please and thanks! Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos: Google Numbers: SDG Template: SNG
  4. OneToughCustomer

    Complete 24Ever MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    I'd like some DER renders of a William Byron 24Ever scheme I made please. Credits: Base: Rah/ @jeff14124 /Me Logos:Google, Rah, Me B-Pillars: Alan Harkleroad Numbers:BER Template:SNG
  5. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro #38 Dale Earnhardt Day Tribute Render

    Can I have some DER two car renders like what I requested for my Smokey Mountain Car back in March, but with the driver and extras if its possible. This is a special scheme I made for a hopefully future offline league. Base: Me Template: SNG Logos: Google (Furgueson, Stihl, Rockstar...
  6. OneToughCustomer

    Complete PWF CTS Render Request

    Base:Me Logos: Google (where I found them from)(Coca-Cola, Rheem, Acdelco, American Ethanol). Numbers: Me All I need is a standard two car render for the community car set please.
  7. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS18 Throwback Render Request.

    Can a have some simple DER renders of Austin Dillon's 1995 All-Star Dale Earnhardt Throwback scheme he reveiled today at the track please. Also any scene's you guys wanna play around with this scheme feel free to do so.
  8. OneToughCustomer

    Complete NPS Impala Chevy Render

    Can I have a Pinty's series with some DER scenes if possible and a two car render. Also this car is for future offline leagues if some will do here soon so its not leaving the site. Base: @Antigordo Template: SNG Extra Contigs: Alan Harkleroad
  9. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENSC18 Camaro request

    Can I have a team two car scheme of a MENCS18 Camaro. One in sideway V format and others in what ever you guys want to do It just needs to show off the two cars nicely I don't really car about the scenes.The template is from SnG and the base which heavily modified is from our very own @Jeremy...
  10. ryokohakubi243

    Complete BR13 Ford Render Request

    Hi,I was hoping to get some on track renders for these cars,I hope that this isn't too much. Please take your time,there's no rush. Thank You in Advance. Credits Base: Paint by RAH Template: BER Logos: Wolf Tactics,Axalta,SWD Studios,Wolfy Gasoline,Unified Fire,Relay For Life
  11. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Render Request

    Putting My New 2019 Camaro SS With A League Scheme! Base:SDG Logos:Google Numbers:BER Temp:Me/SNG A Few DER And NascarMan32 Scenes Of Your Choice For This Please And Thanks ;)
  12. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS 18 Camaro render

    Well I eventually said I'd do this scheme. Can I please have a two car render and optional DMR renders of this Austin Dillon 2018 Coke 600 car I made. Base:Me/ @Antigordo Logos: Google (I'll list all of the sponsors when I post the download) Template: SNG Number: BER
  13. OneToughCustomer

    Complete GTP Render request

    Well I thought I'd never do a GTP car but I need a GTP Saber with any scene is fine of Daneil Hemric's Smokey mountain 8 scheme that I made for the Community car set. All credits are the same as orginal camaro I made. Credits: WarDog Designs Sponsors: Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff/Blue Gate...
  14. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    Base:SDG Numbers:BER Logos:Google Template:SNG if I could get this der scene i'd appreciate it plz and thx.
  15. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    A Few DER Scenes Plz And Thx, Especially The One That Shows The Rear Bumper! Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos:Google Numbers:BER Render:TMS Temp:SNG
  16. OneToughCustomer

    Complete MENCS 18 Render Request

    Hey Garrett I'm sorry to ask you to do me another render request but I'm gonna need it. For the first one can you please do a few of DER scenes the ones you did for @rob52488 's more recent Alex Bowman 2018 car. The second one I just need a DER standard two car render. They are both the same...
  17. OneToughCustomer

    Complete Another Team render

    Can I have another team render of original cup cars like I asked last time? I'll supply the last render so you can have a reference point. How ever this time put the white car in the middle of the two red cars. Sponsors: MLB/Budweiser/DEI/@Stunod Contigs: Christoph Numbers: Me/DEI DEI "E"...
  18. rob52488

    Complete MENCS17 Render Request

    Bases: @mayersracers Logos: Sent With Base, Google Numbers:BER, @mayersracers Temp:SNG If I Could Get A Couple DER Scenes For Both(If DER Scenes Even Exist For The 2017 SS), And One With The 2 Of These Together I'd Like Those Plz And Thx! If Not I'm Ok With Any Other Scenes Of Your Choice. ;)
  19. OneToughCustomer

    Complete Original Cup Render

    Can I please have an angled over head view of 30 degrees vertical and 35 degrees horizontal render of three different cars. If the angles are possible.
  20. rob52488

    Complete Team Render Scene (NXS17 online league team)

    Alright, First Time I've Done One Of These For An Online League, But Here I Am Doing One! My Team Has 4 Cars, And My Teammates Have Been Itching For A Team Render, So I Came Here! Anyways, A 4 Car Team Render Scene Please And Thx! Don't Go Crazy Just One Will Do XD! Credits: #8: pshafer3327 on...