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Aug 7, 2016
I was thinking recently about the Hot Lapping section here at Stunod. It's great, but it gets lonely running laps by yourself. Then Highbank started his server, great, people to hot lap with.

I noticed that there aren't many online leagues around anymore. At least not on the what I like to call "Golden Age of Sims" sims. rFactor, NR, and others that I probably don't own. Every league is either age restricted or really competitive or just doesn't have the backing or officiating to really get big.

So, I thought about doing a one off race!
Connects great to that, right?

But bear with me here.

Game: rFactor
Mod: DWD Sprints
Track: Eldora
Motors: 410s BABY!!!

This could be an event with Hot Laps, Heats, Mains, EVERYTHING!

This would be testing the waters with the possibility of making an online league. I thought if it were to become a league, we could be kind of like the GripTV Tournament on iRacing(go to Matt Malone's YouTube channel). We would use all sorts of cars and tracks, so that it can be a fit for everyone, THERE WOULD BE NO EXCUSES FOR NOT JOINING.

Leave your thoughts below, like it? Hate it?
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Aug 25, 2016
Aaaah, seems like someone is catching on....;)

I'm following a plan I've had since long before the first Hot Lap Challenge was posted....

Baby steps....


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Mar 23, 2018
Try the hobby stocks or the midgets Ian! (can find links to em' in old HLC's) They're a little easier to get round the old dirt patch! :p
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