Championship mode with mod?

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Mar 1, 2019
Disregard this, but keeping it just in case someone else makes the same dumb mistake

Hey, very new to this game and therefore the mods. I installed the 2018 mod successfully (only because I couldnt find 2019), but it looks like I can only do a single race with it and not do championship mode. Is this just the way it is or did I not do something correctly? I can go into championship mode and set it all up, but when I go into the race weekend I'm the only driver. I made sure the roster is the 2018_silly_season but it just doesn't seem to pick them up.

Issue was that 2018_silly_season defaulted the number of drivers to 1. You just have to manually click it up to 42, or whatever number you want. Duh.

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