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Jun 6, 2017
Sorry Bill, we only award DNS points if a driver makes P/Q/HH, or if we know they're having technical issues that precludes them from joining.

Therefore ... the next time you go to Laguna Seca, you must take the DSC admin in charge of points calculation, so he can personally witness your technical issues and fairly award you a DNS.


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Jun 5, 2017
Can I be the Rules Administrator?
You can volunteer to help review incidents and such!!

DNS is for people who are on the server before the race and lose connections and such..

Like every other rule, there is a reason for it.

We race 40 races a year and I used to give DNS points to any driver that was on the entry list and didn't make a race.
At the end of the year, there were people that missed 30+ races, along with people that joined late in the season.. So, the people that raced early in the season continued to get DNS points throughout the season and maybe showed up for a couple of races at the end and then there were the people who joined late and got DNS points for all the races they missed.

This became a giant PITA that, by the end of the year, made no difference what-so-ever in the points standings... Very time consuming going back and redoing the points when somebody joined, or redoing the points when somebody had raced earlier in the season, hadn't been back for 6 months and then came back, wanting all their DNS points.. I was spending a whole lot of time redoing the points after every race..
And since all the people missing races were given the same points which made for no difference except how far behind the leader they were. Not a single position was changed due to the DNS points so I got rid of the "DNS for everyone" and stuck with the "if you're on the server, make practice or qual and lose connection, you get the DNS points.

Worst 10 races of the 40 are dropped and worst 3 in each 10 race season is dropped so the DNS points really don't matter until you miss 4 or more race in a season or over 10 in a year.

Mick! Here's my setup. Just ran some 39s with it and the RF was getting up to 250 (too hot!) so I might adjust the camber to get it to distribute the heat a little better..

We usually run this track with 70 and clear so using the real weather is making the tires a bit hotter than previous races.

Race night! Have fun!



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Jun 5, 2017
RACE RESULTS (After 70 laps)

Pos No Driver Laps Race Time Diff Speed Problem Points
1 11 Mick Nesevitch 70 59m46.185s 105.405 185
2 61 Guitarzan 70 59m52.415s 06.230s 105.222 175
3 79 CudaMan340 70 59m53.453s 07.268s 105.191 165
4 19 Chargin 70 59m54.476s 08.291s 105.162 165
5 00 Trae Larkin 70 59m57.159s 10.974s 105.083 155
6 41 Tom Howell 70 60m06.016s 19.831s 104.825 155
7 40 Dan Kaisinger 70 60m06.561s 20.376s 104.809 151
8 9 Jeb Rown 70 60m09.224s 23.039s 104.732 147
9 64 Wolfgang18 70 60m12.063s 25.878s 104.650 138
10 02 Ziggy Moonglow 64 59m58.049s 6 lap(s) 96.052 139
11 -1 Pace Car 0 DidNotStart 70 lap(s)
12 24 Server DSR 0 DidNotStart 70 lap(s)

Race results are official


Pos Driver Time Speed Lap
1 Mick Nesevitch 39.374s 137.147 48
2 Trae Larkin 39.725s 135.935 48
3 Ziggy Moonglow 39.799s 135.682 40
4 Chargin 39.811s 135.641 63
5 Guitarzan 39.850s 135.508 31
6 Jeb Rown 39.892s 135.366 68
7 CudaMan340 39.893s 135.362 66
8 Dan Kaisinger 40.562s 133.130 63
9 Tom Howell 40.835s 132.240 49
10 Wolfgang18 40.895s 132.046 22
11 Pace Car No Time
12 Server DSR No Time


Driver Laps
Chargin 1-5
Mick Nesevitch 6-26
Dan Kaisinger 27-28
Ziggy Moonglow 29-30
Mick Nesevitch 31-32
Guitarzan 33
Jeb Rown 34-39
Tom Howell 40
Mick Nesevitch 41-51
Dan Kaisinger 52-55
Mick Nesevitch 56-70

Number of lead changes: 10
Number of leaders: 7


Driver Laps led
Mick Nesevitch 49
Jeb Rown 6
Dan Kaisinger 6
Chargin 5
Ziggy Moonglow 2
Tom Howell 1
Guitarzan 1

Replay doesn't contain qualifying info - skipping "Highest Climber" table


Driver Stops/Laps
Ziggy Moonglow (8/64)
Wolfgang18 (7/70)
Trae Larkin (7/70)
CudaMan340 (6/70)
Chargin (5/70)
Guitarzan (5/70)
Jeb Rown (4/70)
Mick Nesevitch (4/70)
Dan Kaisinger (3/70)
Tom Howell (2/70)


Driver Laps/Total


Driver Laps/Total Percent
Mick Nesevitch (61/70) 87.14
Jeb Rown (60/70) 85.71
Dan Kaisinger (58/70) 82.86
Tom Howell (58/70) 82.86
Chargin (57/70) 81.43
Trae Larkin (53/70) 75.71
Guitarzan (53/70) 75.71
CudaMan340 (51/70) 72.86
Ziggy Moonglow (47/64) 73.44
Wolfgang18 (42/70) 60.00

(first lap excluded)

Driver Avg Deviation Std Deviation Avg Laptime Laps
Dan Kaisinger 11.051 5.514 51.654s 70
Tom Howell 11.073 5.491 51.634s 70
CudaMan340 11.551 5.421 51.456s 70
Jeb Rown 11.680 5.539 51.700s 70
Guitarzan 11.919 5.557 51.323s 70
Wolfgang18 11.994 5.527 51.516s 70
Chargin 12.063 5.524 51.506s 70
Trae Larkin 12.169 5.435 51.539s 70
Mick Nesevitch 12.442 5.525 51.357s 70
Ziggy Moonglow 22.210 5.703 56.419s 64

All times are official

(Change part costs in File->Options)

Driver Bodywork Engine Other Total
Wolfgang18 2214 238 1000 3452
CudaMan340 810 0 0 810
Trae Larkin 643 0 0 643
Dan Kaisinger 571 0 0 571
Jeb Rown 500 0 0 500
Guitarzan 143 0 0 143
Chargin 71 0 0 71

Please note that as this replay file doesn't cover the entire race damage
to cars that retired before the replay starts might not be reported!

Generated with NASCAR2003 Replay Analyzer


Nice win Mick!

Congrats to Guitarzan and Cuda on the podium!!

Thx to everyone who has participated in the DSC Spring Season with the GN69ST mod!

You ALL make it fun, challenging and never dull.

Thx for racing!


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Feb 18, 2019
Thanks Ziggy. I saved the replay of the race and at one point I'm cruising around during a yellow and BAM I'm clocked by someone going full out from behind. I thought WTF? No one mentioned anything about it but I was slammed pretty good and into the fence as well. It was then I realized it was your car at the point of your disconnection and the 02 went berserk just piling into things:eek::closedeyesmile:. Couldn't really believe my heap was in good enough shape to run second. An interesting and fun night!


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Mar 23, 2018
Thanks Ziggy. I saved the replay of the race and at one point I'm cruising around during a yellow and BAM I'm clocked by someone going full out from behind.
That was nuts!! I saw Zigg go flying by, then his car ran through like 2 other cars.. For a second I though, dang he's po'd at someone!! Then I was like, oh, his connect crapped out.. x'D Crazy thing was, usually when the connect dies the car goes random all over the place. But his kept a perfect line.. lol Makes me think his upload was still active, but his download was the culprit? Bummer either way.. Hate to see a race get effected by connection issues. :(

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