Help with gauge relocation

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Dec 27, 2018
Ok, I'm not looking to create a mod, or take credit for anyone elses work, or anything nefarious. I would like to be able to dig into the guts of ANY available mod for NR2003, and simply edit the dashboard's gauge placement. I realize dissecting the entire DAT, this isn't possible and it lies somewhere in the model. I can change textures, I can work with 3dsmax and other programs in general. The question is, what is required to relocate the gauges, for example, lets say, in the MENCS 2019 mod? Would the original 3d models be required to do this? If so, those probably are proprietary and not publicly available, right? If that is the case, is there a publicly available template to work from? I've got the Rockstar tools, I haven't dug into them too much other than reading. I don't want to create my own mod and car from scratch. The MENCS 2019 mod is almost perfect, its really a preference of how it's laid out (the gauges). Can someone help?

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