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Aug 25, 2016
Where might I find Tom, Banky and the rest of the gangs cars?? Gonna see about that new HLC here in a bit..
They're sitting side by side in my paintshop... bothers very close to roll out...
Banky's Caddy had some revisions needed, TeeDee's Nissan is just needing some look overs and additions to be full on bad fast looking


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Mar 23, 2018
Just an FYI.. I downloaded the NAGT mod off the Zoom TS server, twice.. Won't load on my rFactor? Opening rFactor screens are fine, but then goes black. Im gonna try getting it from the HLC link and see what that does. (This is on a new install of rFactor)

* The NAGT V1.6 from the pits works fine! Wondering if the NAGT.rar on the TS server is meant to be a carset, installed over the original v1.6 mod??
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Jul 8, 2017
I don't want to seem pushy or put pressure on anyone but since Banky has a NAGT for being an SRF AI and the fact that there 3 NAGT drivers for Highbank Autosport, how about having Brian McLaren as my teammate in a #77 5-Hour Energy FRR.

Thanks, (New) Tom

(P.S. Base the paint off of Jones' #77 from his rookie year)

(P.P.S. I came up with this thought because Brian's SRF was the first car I drove on the server so I thought it would be nice to remember that)
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