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I just noticed, the download section has just now hit 100 pages, so many great painters out here that have such talent and skill! Keep up all the good work all of you talented painters!
9/11 was yesterday, meant to say this. Rest In Peace to all those who lost their lives on that tragic day. (Except the terrorist.) You all are in a better place now, and the Twin Towers shall forever be in our hearts, as the Pentagon still stands and our flag still raises high in the sky.

Whether they be fictional or real cars that have ran on the track, I'd be more then glad for people to send me requests!
- Start a Conversation with me
- Tell me what scheme you want created
- I'll get back as quick as I can
- Real or Fictional
- No Complex Designs
I've been busy compiling logos and decals for future paint schemes that might be uploaded for download, just gotta complete them to see the result
What is the future of your website?
Cars posted in my showroom page or in my render request page on SRD will eventually go on there. Right now I am spending more time re-organizing the site. As for the other painters, they submit work at their leisure, so it's up to them if they want to continue to post there or not.
I got my eye on you, I will support you no matter what and you make great stuff as well as stuff that i will be looking forward to in the future. :clapping::):thumbsup:
Wish I could of met you. I’m sure you did a lot for this sight. R.I.P. i’m Sure you’re looking down at this message rn.