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  1. Stunod

    Chase Elliott #9 Little Caesars / Mtn Dew 2019 Base Only 2019-09-04

    This is the base layers only, template and numbers will not be included. Logos that were either done by me or found on google will be included in this release! Hope you all enjoy and would love to see what you all do with this awesome base!!!
  2. Anakin

    Chase Elliott 2018 Throwback 2018-07-11

    Credits: Logos: Google Template: Splash n Go
  3. povanator

    Chase Elliott 2018 Daytona 500 NAPA Scheme 2017-10-06

    Chase Elliott's 2018 Daytona scheme released yesterday. Best I could do off of one image. Lacking A-pillar logos and I couldn't make them out. Will update as I progress. This is my first replica scheme. (apologies if it's in the wrong category...first upload too haha) *crooked line on hood...
  4. Stunod

    Chase Elliott NAPA Darlington Throwback 2016 2016-06-24

    This is a 2048×2048 Chevy template to be put on the BigEvil Template. This base file will only have the base layers to the paint scheme not the actual template. BigEvil template only used for Presentation purposes! (Credits: Base – Me, Logos: Google and me, Render: me) Numbers are not including...