geoff bodine

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  1. Tomas1920

    Geoff Bodine 1992 *Fictional* Hanes Ford 2023-12-10

    What if Geoff Bodine drove for the Underbird? This car is based off a series on called NASCAR: An Alternative History by user "ChocolateRains". Link to story here: If you want to use...
  2. Ackbarfan

    Lake Speed 90s #83 Font

    Hey, so I'm doing some ideas with my alt history headcanons with what the NASCAR landscape might look like had Alan and Davey not died in 1993, and one idea that I'm more settled on is at the end of the 93 season, Geoff Bodine joins the owner/driver craze but buys up Lake Speed's own team. Since...
  3. Majesticexpress

    Geoffrey Bodine Power Team Monte Carlo 2020-05-29

    This is Geoff Bodine's 1999 ride with Joe Bessey Motorsports. In 1999 Bodine led 9 laps with 1 top 5 and 2 top 10's with an average finish of 24.7. The car file comes with crew and ratings. Enjoy! Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google/Me/SRD/Thunder98 Cont: CC48 Number: BER Template: SNG Driver: Me...
  4. 11rowsof3

    2020 Retro / Throwback Geoff Bodine Levi Garrett Chevrolet 2020-02-28

    Updating some of my Retros for 2020 and may do some new ones too! Won a ton of races, got into a few scaps with Earnhardt. One of the all-time iconic paint schemes and winner of the 1986 Daytona 500. Geoff Bodine is from Chemung, New York and made his way to NASCAR on talent alone via...
  5. James Qualls

    Retro 1991-1993 #15 Motocraft Ford (SnG 2003-05 Mod) 2020-01-12

    Throwback to Morgan Shepherd's #15 Motorcraft Ford from 1991 (or Geoff Bodine 1992-93, whichever) for the SnG 2003-05 mod. Credits: Templates and Contigs: Splash n Go for the Templates, and Render: garrett1127.
  6. hokiegrad

    Retro Dirt Late Models - K Wallace and G Bodine BR DLM mod 2017-06-28

    I did up a couple retro cup schemes on Dirt Late Models a while back, so I thought I would share. Two cars: 2003 Kenny Wallace Stacker2 and 1994 Geoff Bodine Exide batteries Credits: temps-Bullring Numbers - MRD and mas Bases - me Logos - Google Crews from the original cup mod and cup90s mod...