2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Goody's Dash Series Pace Car

2003 Pontiac Grand Prix Goody's Dash Series Pace Car v1.0

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Goody's Dash Series 2003 pace car

Hello, this is a pace car for the 1999 Goody's Dash Series carset available here.

However, because of how difficult it is to find any photo of the pace car they used that year (closest reference I could find was Jim Cook providing a Chevrolet in 2000, but again, no pictures), I decided to paint the Pontiac that was used in 2003 instead.

It's pretty much impossible to read what's written all around the car, so bear with me on that front for taking some artistic license. If you have better photos of this or any other pace car used in this series, let me know.

The pattern of the stripes is also not a 1:1 replica, due to how generally different the GP shape of the real car is compared to these generic shapes in NR2002/2003.

Original template by Brian Simpson (you don't want know how long I've had to look for these templates, scavenging dead websites and the like)
Livery by me

To install, just place the .mip inside the series folder you want to use it with. In this specific case, it will be:
<root folder>\series\cup_N4\<place pacecar.mip here>
And click yes when prompted to overwrite.

Thank you.




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