2020 Supercars Complementary GN55 Set

2020 Supercars Complementary GN55 Set 1.0

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2020 Supercars Season carset by Rollo75 for GN55.
I took creative liberties - do not expect perfect. Perfect is the enemy of good. Good is the cousin of Fun.

This set is to be put into the same folder as the existing 2020 GN55 set. Virtually all of the numbers in this set are wrong - being occupied by NASCAR Cup Series drivers in 2020.
This means that the 2020 Supercars and 2020 NASCAR drivers can exist in the same race without conflict.

Annotation 2020-09-09 140230.jpg

Annotation 2020-09-09 133027.jpg

Annotation 2020-09-09 134200.jpg

Credits:GN55 mod by DMR (Denis Rioux)
Original '55 Chevy template by Denis Rioux and team
'56 Holden FE and '58 Holden FC templates by @Jebrown
'55 Mercedes, '20 Mustang and '73 Datsun layers by me.
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Quite the nice set, very pretty!