(GN55) 1953-1954 Set (Part 1)

(GN55) 1953-1954 Set (Part 1) 2017-08-20

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While nearly six years old by 1953, NASCAR was still relatively in its infancy. The fields had begun to grow, and as time and experience began to seep into the sport's management, things became ever smoother in how they were run. By the end of the 1953 season, Herb Thomas would be crowned the champion, followed by Lee Petty in 1954.

This set was the result of a large-scale collaboration between Jebrown and myself, initially hoping to paint only the 1954 season. Due to the lack of resources that would allow us to do so, we decided to expand the set to cover both 1953 and 1954. This part features around 57 cars, of a set that has over 100 cars in total.

Credits: martinrace for his wonderful templates, Google and numerous other sources for images and logos, DMR/Denis for the amazing GN55 mod, and many others.
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Latest reviews

This is terrific work. The earlier cars, like the Hudson Hornets, really provide an authentic period feel to this set. Thanks to studying these I can practically place the date for an early NASCAR field just by looking at them. Very educational and dam good fun too!
Glad you enjoy! As a student of the sport's history, this set was a labor of love.
These do look older. Great work. Hudson Hornet A+
I never would have imagined having a carset from this early on in NASCAR's history to play with up until I saw this. Thanks a lot, this is pretty good considering you've only got the one car body to play with.
Thank you :) Couldn't have done this without Jebrown and him entertaining the idea of doing a set from this early on with me.
Huge thanks to You both!
You're very welcome :)
Great work lake always!
Thank you :)