Kevin Harvick 2004 unused Bud Shootout Scheme

Kevin Harvick 2004 unused Bud Shootout Scheme v1.2

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This was supposed to be Kevin Harvicks 2004 Bud Shootout scheme in which they were going to bring back the number 3 full time in 2004. But sadly due to controversy of Theresa Earnhardt and team owner Richard Childress, they decided to pull the plug on this scheme and the number rebrand for 2004 and Harvick had to still use the number 29 instead of using the 3. This was based on the unreleased 1/24 action diecast prototype Bud Shootout scheme from early 2004 and this is my accurate NR2003 paint scheme replica of that.

Template by Brian Simpson.
Numbers, contingencies, decals from Google
Repainted numbers by me.
Eli the Wolf
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  1. Kevin Harvick 2004 unused Bud Shootout Scheme

    I now converted the files to.tga and they should work now.