LMPv2 Chevy SS/Toyota template

LMPv2 Chevy SS/Toyota template 1

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Shading: Short Track Central (Brent Licata)/SORS/Myself

Parts: Additional parts or logos to the template, beside the basics (such as ignition box), were made by myself using my own photos or photos/logos from the respective businesses. Chrome layer courtesy Brian Simpson.

Render: The Mod Squad

Description: This template was created to produce newer ABC Template Late Models for the LMPv2 mod for NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. The template features details to represent the Chevrolet SS or Toyota Camry seen at local short tracks throughout the country. It is to be imported ONLY to the Pontiac model. Importing to other models will result in features possibly not lining up properly.

Features: Unlike racing vehicles of major racing series, Late Models do not have one set design. Many features differ from car to car. This template not only allows the painter to produce a certain make of car but offers many options as well. Included are different fuel fillers, exhaust plates, windshield banners (ASA Stars, SRL National, SRL Spears SW Tour, Southern Super Series, 56th Snowball Derby – 2023 ), and tire decals (Hoosier *3*, American Racer, McCreary).

Perhaps the most appealing features of this template are the various spoilers available. The most common spoiler used today comes in aluminum and black. There are three different support rods which can be used with either spoiler base: aluminum, black and thinner rod. Note that there is also a corresponding top spoiler located on the template. Be sure to select the correct pair. There is also an old school spoiler and a white spoiler with their own, but separate, support rods. All of these components can be mixed and matched, however, since they are separate layers on the template.
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Great job, will put these to good use.. Thank you!
Thank you, Rob. Hope the template helps your future projects.