Sunday Night Lights - 1997 Craftsman Truck Series Custom Trucks

Sunday Night Lights - 1997 Craftsman Truck Series Custom Trucks 2024-02-18

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This download features all custom made trucks used in the 1997 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series in Sunday Night Lights by @GraySpeed Productions, a NASCAR alternate history series with a creative edge that began in 1981. This is the first time that the series’ cars are being posted on Stunod, so this set includes every custom scheme from the 1997 season! Please note that this set ONLY comes with the trucks made specifically for the video series.

In the series, the truck series becomes one of multiple third-tier series, each with their own specialty. With this in mind, the truck series functions as a primarily west coast series, with a few notable exceptions, as well as hosting three dirt races.

#00 DieHard Dodge - Cindy Peterson, Dodge Ram Racing
#01 Dodge - Lealand McSpadden
#05 Action Racing Collectables Ford - Scott Bloomquist
#07 QVC Ford - Dave Rezendes, Geoff Bodine Racing
#0 Star Nursery Chevrolet - Chris Trickle, Star Nursery Racing
#1 Winnebago Ford - Ricky Johnson, Bill Davis Racing
#5 Exxon Chevrolet - Tim Richmond, Hendrick Motorsports
#12 RC Cola Ford - Robyn Gordon, Michael Waltrip Racing
#17 Parts America Ford - Darrell Waltrip/Greg Biffle, Darrell Waltrip Motorsports
#25 Tide Chevrolet - Jack Sprague, Hendrick Motorsports
#26 WCW NWO Ford - Michael Dokken, MB Motorsports
#37 Timber Wolf Chevrolet - Dennis Setzer, Brewco Motorsports
#49 CSU Bakersfield Chevrolet - Roger Mears Jr, Roger Mears Racing
#51 Exxon Chevrolet - Scott Lagasse, Hendrick Motorsports
#63 AutoBell Chevrolet - Frog Hall, Frog Hall Racing
#70 QVC Ford - Geoff Bodine, Geoff Bodine Racing
#84 MBNA Ford - Ernie Irvan, Irvan-Simo Racing
#94 Circuit City Ford - Page Jones, Irvan-Simo Racing



Cars designed by me in GIMP

CTS mod templates by Project Wildfire

Numbers from Big Evil Racing and Created from Google Fonts

Logos from Wikimedia, Google Images, and Sponsor Websites
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This is Awesome, Great job Alex!