The Goof 20X1

The Goof 20X1 2020-12-07

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Do you want the set of cars from The Goof?


Do you like Mazdas, Nissans, Ferraris, and cars which have no place in a NASCAR game?


Maybe you just want 72 cars which come from a deranged mind?


Maybe you need this set.

Credits:GN55 mod by DMR (Denis Rioux)
Original '55 Chevy template by Denis Rioux and team
'56 Holden FE and '58 Holden FC templates by @Jebrown
'51 and '53 Ford Victoria templates by @martinrace

Dump these into your Cars folder in the GNS 55 Mod.
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105.3 MB
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Latest reviews

and I thought it couldn't get any more insane.
I disapprove of this! This has no place in a NASCAR game! Just joking. Great set and I love cars from a deranged mind! Good work on all of them!
If "perfect is the enemy of good and good is the cousin of fun" then this set is very nearly the enemy of fun's cousin. Also, very fun!