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  1. LivDigsRacing

    (MENCup17) 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series carset!!

    Painters in this set: Noah Sweet (Lefty Designs) Steven Merzlak (SRM) Charlie Fuller (CFD) Bryce Orfanides (BryceO84) Vincent Giacalone (VinstonCup) Nathan Kiani McGillicutter (dickpls) Olivia Hamman (LivDigsDesigns) Richard Hildebrandt (Paint-By-Rah) CREDITS: Logos: RuRa (Rubbins-Racin)...
  2. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Brian Scott 2016 1.5

    After browsing through Jayski's 2016 Cup Paint Schemes page, I put the 20 schemes I had an interest in painting, onto a Wheel Decider website and this scheme was the last one standing from those 20. Enjoy. Credits: Base: Myself Template: FCRD Contingencies: FCRD, Google Logos: Google...
  3. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Bubba Wallace 2016 Leidos 1.0

    This was pretty much one of the designs that I always appreciated and enjoyed but had a tough time trying to paint it and even trying to make it on NASCAR 15, until now with this upload. Enjoy. (Based on the Homestead finale scheme, hence the Granny Jan namerail) Credits: Base: Myself...
  4. SirSpoony

    Anyone have Phoenix_SBP11?

    Hello. I have been looking for this track for quite some time now, but have come up empty handed. This was one of the SBP paid tracks released in 2016, but I have been unable to find any archived copies of the track itself. Anyone have it? Sincerely, SirSpoony. Edit: NOT the version by the...
  5. CamryBunny

    2016 Roster

    I am looking for a 2016 roster. I am aware that there is a weebly, but most of the schemes are on SRD, and since that is unfortunately dead, I am stuck. I had a ton of 2016 schemes on my old laptop, but that ended up breaking down and I got a new one. If anyone is willing to send me one of their...
  6. NCD Designs

    Tommy Baldwin Racing Style Number Set 1.0

    Number Set based on the no. 7 from Tommy Baldwin Racing's 2016 cup series car. Please give credit if you use my resources.
  7. Andyman248

    2021 *FICTIONAL* 2016 Jimmie Johnson Championship car 1.0

    CREDITS: template: Lefty logos: Google mod: MENCS19
  8. Andyman248

    2016 Jimmie Johnson Homestead-Miami base 1.0

    CREDITS: template: Lefty logos: Google mod: MENCS19
  9. Stunod

    Kodak 2016 Logo 2019-01-12

  10. BowmanFan88

    2016 #88 Josh Berry TrueTimber LMPV2 2018-09-01

    Base:Me Logos:Google Numbers:BER Template:RacinGrafx Render:TMS
  11. OneToughCustomer

    Dale Jr 2016 Halloween Nationwide Chevy SS V1.1

    A Dale Jr 2016 Nationwide Chevrolet Halloween Scheme based from his Primary car but the colors are different. Base: @Stunod Colors:Me Sponsors: Me/PbR/Adam (Stunod) [Nationwide/Axalta/TaxSlayer/Mtn Dew] Numbers:BER Template:BER Render:TMS
  12. OneToughCustomer

    Dale Jr Axalta 16/17 Blend Scheme v2.0

    A blend scheme of Dale Jr's 2016 and 2017 Axalta schemes put together. Template: BER Design: PBR/Me Colors: Me Sponsors: PBR/Google/Me Numbers: PBR
  13. BowmanFan88

    Dale Earnhardt Jr./Alex Bowman 2016 Axalta ServiceKing #88 2017-12-03

    The car Bowman ran at Chicagoland. #'s:BER Logos:Google Temp:BER Base: @Stunod Render: TMS
  14. BowmanFan88

    Dale Earnhardt Jr./Alex Bowman #88 Axalta Hendrick Automotive Group 2017-12-03

    The Car Alex Bowman ran at Charlotte and Homestead that I know of. #'s:BER Logos:Google Base: @Stunod Render:TMS Temp:BER
  15. BowmanFan88

    Dale Earnhardt Jr 2016 Axalta Gates Collision Centers 2017-12-02

    Render:TMS Numbers:BER Logos:Google Temp:BER B-Pillar:SRD Base: @Stunod
  16. BowmanFan88

    Alex Bowman Genesis 2017-10-06

    Base:SDG Numbers:BER Logos:Google Render:Garrett1127
  17. BowmanFan88

    Alex Bowman 2016 HyVee 2017-10-06

    Base:Me Numbers:BER Logos:Google render:garrett1127
  18. BowmanFan88

    Alex Bowman 2016 Vannoy 2017-10-06

    Base:Me Numbers:BER Logos:Google Render:Garrett1127
  19. BowmanFan88

    Alex Bowman 2016 Cessna 2017-10-06

    Base:Me Numbers:BER Logos:Google Render:garrett1127
  20. Smoke14

    2016 NROL Aquafina Cup Series Custom Paint Scheme Carset V1

    You will need 7-Zip to extract these cars to your Gen6BR or Gen6BR15 cars folder. These are the custom paint schemes that were used in my NROL Aquafina Cup Series. Credits: BigEvilRacing for the templates and numbers Google Images for the logos Teejay Handley at Th Designs for 20 of the cars Me...