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  1. Stunod

    Evernote logo 2019-08-26

  2. Stunod

    Best Buy 2018 Logo 2019-01-12

  3. Stunod

    GoDaddy 2018 Logo 2019-01-12

  4. Stunod

    F1 - Formula One 2018 Logo 2019-01-12

  5. Ed Soundhead

    Johnny Sauter #21 Eldora Dirt Derby 2018 1.0

    Johnny Sauter #21 GMS RACING Allegiant Air/Sunseeker Resorts Chevy Silverado - Eldora Dirt Derby 2018 For all the fellow truck fans out there! I painted this earlier in the year and never got around to uploading it anywhere. You can thank CodyHGaming for reminding me/recommending I do it here...
  6. Stunod

    Kasey Kahne #95 ProCore 2018 Base 2019-01-07

    Mod: SNG - MENCS19 Template: SNG Base: @Stunod Logo: Google Render Scene: @garrett1127, Fin Mod by @Rogue Rendered: @Stunod This download does not include any parts from the template, It is only the paint scheme layers. You will have to import on to a template if you want to use.
  7. rob52488

    2018 #88 Alex Bowman Axalta Eagles All Pro Teachers (POC1) 2018-11-15

    Bowman's Ride From The 1st Pocono Race: Base: @Jeremy Murray Driver's Suit: Me Logos: Google, @OneToughCustomer Numbers: SDG(Modified By Me) Template: SNG Renders: Christopher Pierce, @garrett1127
  8. Andrew54

    My 2018 race predictions VS. The actual results.

    Before the 2018 Monster Energy Cup Season started, I made a list of what driver would win each race. Now that the season is just about over, I thought I would share these predictions. Green = winner predicted correctly Yellow = team predicted correctly Orange = Manufacturer predicted correctly...
  9. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Request

    Got another league scheme here and man this one is great. a huge shoutout to Chad Mikosz, head honcho and owner of BER, for doing the scheme for me and for sponsoring me! pretty cool to rep BER, plus a huge thanks his way for taking time out of his day for doing this bad boy. burnout scenes are...
  10. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    Finally got around to doing this one, with some help from good friend @OneToughCustomer. believe it or not i remembered to do the fire suit this time, and got it as close as i could to the real one. anyways a few burnout scenes will do, and a couple that include the driver in the scene please...
  11. joeyk

    NXS18 Cassill Roval #13 Unsponsored Dodge 1.0

    Here's my replica of Landon Cassill's 2018 #13 NXS Roval MBM Motorsports Dodge Credits: Render-TMS, Logo-Google, Number-BER, Template-SRD, Contigs-Raptor, Base-me, Banner-SGD, pitbox-Games123.
  12. HunterRacing70

    2018 #24 FOE.com Breast Cancer Awareness Talladega Truck 2018-10-17

    Justin Haley's Truck From Talladega Credits: Template: Bill1947 Contingencies: SRD & Google Numbers: BER Logos: Google Base: Me Render: TMS
  13. rob52488

    Alex Bowman 2018 Nationwide Pet Insurance (RICH2) 2018-10-14

    Here's Bowman's Car From The Federated Auto Parts 400. Render: @garrett1127 Base: SDG Logos: Google Numbers: SDG Template: SNG Playoff Markings: @JacobTB_14 Twitter Icons On Sides: @Nascar20 Rear Logos, And Dog: @Jebrown
  14. HunterRacing70

    2018 #10 Smithfield Get Grilling Ford - Richmond II 2018-10-10

    My Best Attempt at Aric Almirola's car from Richmond II Credits: Template & Contingencies: SNG Base: Me Numbers: BER B-Pillars: Fosterick Render: TMS Playoff Parts: @JacobTB_14 Logos: Google Playoff Twitter Emoji: @Nascar20
  15. HunterRacing70

    2018 #20 Team Sonic Racing - GameStop Camry 2018-10-07

    Christopher Bell's car From this year's Lilly's Diabetes 250 that Finished 7th in that race Credits: Template & Contingencies: SRD & Alan H. Numbers: BER Base: Me Logos: Google 2018 Windshield: SDG Rookie Stripes: JacobC62 (From NNRacing) Render: TMS
  16. Nascar20

    2018 MENCS Playoff Emojis-My first upload. 2018-10-03

    My first ever upload. All 16 MENCS Playoff drivers Twitter emoji's, individually layered on one handy .psd sheet. Might be handy for somebody attempting playoff car schemes. CREDITS- NASCAR.com Google Twitter
  17. DaleJrFan95

    2018 Hailie Deegan #19 NAPA/Mobil 1 Toyota (K&N Pro Series West) (BRGen62013)9 2018-10-02

    The most recent K&N Pro Series West winner, the first women in series' history to do so; Hailie Deegan. CREDITS: Number: BigEvilRacing Template: BigEvilRacing Logos: Google Contingency: http://www.simracingdesign.com/resources/2017-series-contingency-decal-sheet.1563/ Window Banner...
  18. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camaro Render Request

    Made A New League Scheme, And Man Did I Impress Myself. This One Is For My Favorite TV Show Which I'm Sure Many Others Like! Base: Me Logos/Characters: Google Numbers: BER/SDG, Me Template: SNG Some Burnout Scenes And Any Others Will Do Please And Thanks!
  19. rob52488

    2018 #78 Martin Truex Jr. Bass Pro Shops/5 Hour Energy(DAY2) 2018-09-22

    Here Is Truex's Salutes Car He Nearly Won The July Daytona Race With. Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos: @Rogue, Google Numbers: BER Template: SNG Renders: @garrett1127
  20. rob52488

    Complete MENCS18 Camry Render Request

    Many might be shocked but I finally did a car that's not an 88! XD XD XD but anyways here' good ole' MTJ's Salutes Car From The 2nd Daytona Race That He Nearly Won! Base: @Jeremy Murray Logos: Google Salutes Banner: SDG Numbers: BER Template: SNG If possible i'd like some burnout scenes for...