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  1. StanTheManx3

    Bubba Wallace's 2024 #23 AllTroo Toyota Camry 1.0

    Bubba Wallace's 2024 #23 AllTroo Toyota Camry that will run in the All Star Open (and hopefully advance to the All Star Race.) I've included a separate car file with the red option tire that will be used. Sources: Mod: FCRD Template: Camo Designs, NCD Designs, Manu_F49 Render: James Hodge...

    Timmy Hill #66 N. Wilkesboro All-Star Race 2024-05-17

    The first stock car I have ever seen where the roof number & the side numbers aren't the same *Car is probably subject to change there are not a lot of good images of the car* Credits: Sponsors: Google Number: Big Evil Racing Name Rail: Krfluggs Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: vadkuz...
  3. racerspeed22

    Martin Truex Jr 2024 Reser's Scheme 2024-05-17

    Credits Base- @NRSC08 Designs, adjusted by me B-Pillars-fosterick Logos- Google & @NRSC08 Designs Numbers- BER Namerail and Banner- Me Template- @h4rvick Mod- FCRD Team Render Scene- @James Hodge
  4. DavidLivez

    NCG - NXS20 2024 Xfinity Phoenix 1 Set 2024-05-14

    Fully rated, painted, and assembled by NCG members. All Drivers and Crews are NCG member made - we ask you do not use for public uploads. Mod: NXS20 Template: SRD - Modified by KP1, DavidLivez and NCRD Numbers: BER, DiecastCharv, SpeedDemonDesigns, or NCG members Logos: Team partner sites...
  5. Krfluggs

    Kyle Weatherman My Radar (2024 COTA & Richmond) 2024-05-14

    Credits: Bases: KardyGram Logos: Google Numbers: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  6. Krfluggs

    Hailie Deegan Cody Jinks (2024 COTA) 2024-05-13

    Credits: Base: KardyGram Logos: Google Numbers: KardyGram Render: James Hodge
  7. Krfluggs

    Josh Williams Call811.com (2024 Phoenix 1) 2024-05-13

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: BigEvilRacing & DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  8. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Jimmie Johnson 2024 75 Years of Petty 1.0

    Whilst brewing ideas for new projects, I remembered Buckshot Jones' 4 Generations of Petty scheme that he ran in 2001, which inspired me to create this Petty 75 Years of Racing scheme for Johnson. Enjoy. Credits Templates: Vadkuz Base: Myself Contingencies: Vadkuz Numbers: BigEvilRacing Logos...
  9. Jackson25th

    Marco Andretti Signature v1.0

    This is Marco Andretti's signature.
  10. Krfluggs

    Leland Honeyman Jr Unsponsored (2024 Dover) 2024-05-04

    Credits: Base: KardyGram Logos: Ben Horton: Namerail & Waterfront Construction logo. Google for the rest Numbers: Ben Horton Render: James Hodge

    2024 #7 Justin Allgaier Hellmann's DeCA Chevrolet Camaro (Richmond) v2

    Justin Allgaier qualified 5th and finished 11th at the 2024 ToyotaCare 250 at Richmond Raceway. Credits: Template: NCRD, @KP1 Designs & @DavidLivez Base: @Kardygam Numbers: Me Logos: Hellmann's, Defense Commissary Agency, Commissary Click 2GO, Unilever, Jarrett Logistics, BRANDT, Tufco...
  12. ISLAFE

    Sheldon Creed #18 Darlington 1 Throwback 1.2

    Let's gooooo new Sheldon Creed paint scheme!!!! Credits: Sponsors: Google Contigs: SnowmanSchemes' 'Dark Horse' template Number: Big Evil Racing Name Rail: Sheldon Creed's Instagram Render Model: James Hodge Car Template: KP1 Designs Pit Crew Template: phantom17
  13. Krfluggs

    Kyle Weatherman Tweaker Energy Drink Black (2024 Texas) 2024-05-03

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google, Me, & Tweaker Energy Numbers: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  14. Krfluggs

    Josh Bilicki Milestone (2024 Texas) 2024-05-02

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google with edits by Me Numbers: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  15. Mr. Designer

    #01 Zane Smith 2024 Focused Health Chevy Camaro (Concept) 1.1

    Template: SRD Base: Myself Number: Myself, BER Logos: Myself, Respective Brand Websites B-Pillar: Fosterick Signature: Zane Smith's Website Render: Scene by James Hodge, Modified by Myself Pit Crew: SRD, Myself
  16. Krfluggs

    Jeffrey Earnhardt ForeverLawn (2024 Talladega) 2024-05-02

    Credits: Base: Me. Grass: Ben Horton Logos: Google & Ben Horton Numbers: BigEvilRacing Render: James Hodge
  17. Krfluggs

    JJ Yeley Bryant Adkins (2024 Dover) 2024-05-02

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Me/Google Numbers: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  18. Krfluggs

    Blaine Perkins AutoParkit.com (2024 Texas) 2024-05-02

    Credits: Base: KardyGram edited by Me Logos: Kardygram & Google Number: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  19. Krfluggs

    Chad Finchum Garrison Homes (Dover) 2024-05-02

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  20. Jackson25th

    2024 Kyle Larson Darlington Throwback. v1.0

    This is Kyle Larson's car for Darlington this year in which he will be throwing back to Terry Labonte and his old Kellogg's chevrolet. Sorry for the lack of a render as I havent had much free time. Credits: Sponsors: Myself, Valvoline, Stunod. Template: 2023 NCS22 template with edits. Number...