cup series

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  1. Mr. Designer

    #31 Daniel Hemric Cirkul 2024 Chevy Camaro (Concept) 1.1

    Credits: Template - Vadkuz, Edited by Myself Base - Myself, chikenbugagashenka Numbers - BER, Edited by Myself Logos - Myself, Brand Websites B-Pillar Logos - Fosterick, Edited by Myself Render - James Hodge, Scene Edited by Myself
  2. Flashback27

    Ryan Blaney #12 Peak/Menards Mustang 2024 - Daytona 500 V2

    *Thanks to ZNC Designs and Jackson25th for their feedback! Template: FriesenCreative Render: James Hodge Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google
  3. Mr. Designer

    #22 Joey Logano Pennzoil Full Synthetic Ford Mustang 2024 (Fictional) 1.1

    Credits: Template - vadkuz, Edited by Me Base, Design - Myself Logos - Respective Brand Websites Number - Big Evil Racing, Edited by Me Render Scene - James Hodge, Edited by Me
  4. Krfluggs

    Kaz Grala's 2024 N29 Capital Partners Car 2024-02-08

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: DieCastCharv Render: James Hodge
  5. Ackbarfan

    Complete Haruka Tenou Cup98 1997 Cup Series #93 Castrol Ford Thunderbird

    How and where are planning to use this paint?: Privately amongst myself and for Mock Seasons Sim: NR2003 Mod: Cup98 Car Model: Ford Thunderbird Requesting just the BASE? No Driver Name: Haruka Tenou (Will provide Kanji name {天王はるか}; if unable to be properly used from image provided then...
  6. flyersfan4888

    Fictional Busch Pole Award decal no

    Fictional modern Busch Pole Award decal. Created for a personal carset that I don't want to finish.

    Ryan Newman #15 New Hampshire 2023-07-12

    This car looks like the nation of Germany has sponsored it (or Belgium, same colours in the flag) Credits: Sponsors: Google Number: Big Evil Racing Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: CamoDesigns Pit Crew Template: phantom17 P.S: the cars that are subject to change are so back; this is...
  8. jacobc62

    2023 NSCA Fastenal Cup Series Carset 1.2.0

    It's that time again! Key: Car # Driver NAME | Team Name | Scheme(s) Key: Car # Driver NAME | In-Game Car # | Scheme(s) Start of the 2023 portion of the NSCA Showroom:
  9. DanielLumit

    Andreas Bakkerud 2023 Project 91 Monster Energy Concept v1

    Andreas Bakkerud!! I could see him wanting too so this and I think he would do great in the car. Enjoy this car! (Gonna throw this here real quick too, I do paint comms as well, I've gotten a few messages asking about it so I'm throwing this here. Pretty much name a fair price and you got a...
  10. DanielLumit

    #97 Shane Van Gisbergen 2025 Trackhouse Racing Concept v1

    After a huge moment last night, I would love is Shane came and did FT here in the NASCAR cup series, driving the #97 for Trackhouse. Capn Designs helped a little with bits and pieces of the car so huge thanks to him! Template - @vadkuz Number - @SGT Mustang Logos - Google, @TheFlynnZone Name...
  11. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Pack - 2005 Retro Pack 1.0

    After months of delays, finish up on different projects, and internal laptop replacements, the 2005 Retro Pack is finally completed. Featuring several full timers and part timers from the 2005 Nextel Cup Season, this bite sized pack of cars will bring you back to NASCAR 06, minus the cut content...
  12. DanielLumit

    #20 JBL Christopher Bell Concept v1

    Here is my favorite driver in the #20, CBell! I hope you enjoy this JBL concept! Template - @vadkuz Number - BER Logos - Google Name Rail and b-bills - (Unable to find og source but they are off of another template) Base - Me Render - Me
  13. ISLAFE

    Brennan Poole #15 Macc Door Systems 2023-06-20

    Predicting a P27 finish for this car, you heard it here first Credits: Sponsors & Namerail: Google Number: Big Evil Racing (slight editing from me) Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: CamoDesigns Pit Crew Template: phantom17 h
  14. ISLAFE

    Ty Dillon #77 Chicago White Sox 2023-06-14

    If I had a nickel for every time there has been a baseball themed livery in the 2023 Cup Series, I'd have two nickels (I think), which isn't a lot, but it's nice that it happened twice. Credits: Sponsors: Google Contigs: TheNandos22 Number: Big Evil Racing Render Scenes: James Hodge Car...
  15. ISLAFE

    Andy Lally #15 Sonoma 2023-06-07

    I was so unbelievable close to forgetting the number & RWR logo on the back of the car. They're not on the renders but I promise they're on the car itself Sponsors & Namerail: Google Number: Big Evil Racing Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Template: CamoDesigns Pit Crew Template: phantom17
  16. ISLAFE

    J.J Yeley #15 & Todd Gilliland #51 Charlotte 2023-06-06

    First Cup Series recreation from me, just 8 days late. Sponsors: Google Numbers: Big Evil Racing Render Scenes: James Hodge Car Templates & Namerails (they come with the template): CamoDesigns Pit Crew Templates: phantom17
  17. James Qualls

    Original Default Cup Mod *FICTIONAL* NASCAR Castrol GTX Cup Series Carset 2023-05-20

    After about 2 and a half months of work: HERE IT IS!!! THE FICTIONAL NASCAR Castrol GTX Cup Series Carset for the PWF GNS Mod. Enjoy!!!! CREDITS: Templates: Brian Simpson, SRD, zone15, iam27paul. Bases: deadpool, Jeremy Murray, paint by RAH, Scott Huhn, jjk_nascarfanz, SimDetailGrafx...
  18. QBoi

    QBoi's Showroom

    Over a year later and freshmen year of college in the books, my inspiration and drive to create content for Nr2003 has returned. With that being said what do y'all think of this? How does a 2023 NCCS set sound to y'all? Lemme know! (I will fix the allignment of the hood and front end of Ryan...
  19. Krfluggs

    Ross Chastain 2022 Cube Pack 1.0

    Credits: Numbers: Diecastcharv and BigEvilRacing Logos: Google Template: Amory Digital Racing Designs Mod: Cube Mod Bases: Me Let Me Know if I should make anymore of these Horrifying packs
  20. Krfluggs

    Cody Ware 2023 Biohaven 3.0

    I will update if the scheme looks different Credits Number: diecastcharv Logos: Google Templates: vadkuz