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    Austin Hill 2024 United Rentals (TEXAS) 1

    Austin Hill's 2024 United Rentals Chevrolet Camaro from Texas. CREDITS: Template: FCRD Logos: Google Number: BER Namerail: @Krfluggs B-Post: @fosterick BASE: @NRSC08 Designs

    Tyler Reddick 2024 The Beast Unleashed (COTA) 1

    Tyler Reddick ran this car at COTA, he started 3rd and Finished 5th. CREDITS: BASE: paint by rah Logos: Google or Beast Unleashed site Namerail: @Krfluggs Number: BER B-post: @fosterick

    Kyle Busch 2024 Lucas Oil (Martinsville) 1

    Kyle Busch's 2024 LUCAS Oil Scheme that ran at Martinsville. It started 11th, finish (Posted the Saturday before the race so we'll see) Template: FCRD Logos: Google, Lucas Oil Website Base: @Camo Creative (slight edits by me) Number: BER Namerail: @Krfluggs B-Post: @fosterick
  4. Burnout

    Baking Textures In Blender

    I ran across a video on YouTube some of you may be interested in. It's about baking textures in Blender. For those who like making templates on generic models, this could change the way you work. With the amount of 3d car models available for free online, you can use this process to help you...
  5. h4rvick

    2024 NASCAR Toyota Camry (UPDATED) template v2

    this is as accurate as I could get the generic body looking like the 2024 NASCAR Camry Credits to NCD for the original Camry Template and FCRD for the mod
  6. Flashback27

    Ryan Blaney #12 Peak/Menards Mustang 2024 - Daytona 500 V2

    *Thanks to ZNC Designs and Jackson25th for their feedback! Template: FriesenCreative Render: James Hodge Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google
  7. Flashback27

    Harrison Burton #21 Motorcraft/DEX imaging Mustang 2024 - Daytona 500 2024-03-02

    Render: James Hodge Template: FriesenCreative Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google
  8. SnowmanSchemes

    Alex Bowman 2024 Ally 2024-01-11

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google Render scene: James Hodge
  9. ajm.rc10

    (NCS22) David Ragan's #60 BuildSubmarines.com 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse 2024-02-15

    UPDATE 2/15/24 Added a few logos that were missing, updated the rear bumper, and a few small touch ups based on reference photos from Daytona Credits Mod: Full Circle Racing Designs Template: vadkuz Pit Template: WarWagon (SS.net & SmiffsDen) Number: koop_designs Logos: Google & Myself Driver...
  10. GraySpeed

    #00 CM Punk Motorsports Chevrolet (FICTIONAL) 2023-11-27

    Celebrating CM Punk's return to WWE, I made a fun fantasy car of what if CM Punk owned a team. It's like when The Rock almost got to run a team in the early 2000s. A car file and a .tga file are available. Credits Template: FCRD NextGen Camaro Template Logos: Google Images Number: Used the Font...
  11. JohnJohnson65

    FCRD 2023 Ford Focus Template 1.0

    Comes with 3 trim levels - Standard, ST (Performance) and Vignale (Luxury), layers included and clearly marked Imports onto the generic/Dodge model Imported as a pdn then back to a .psd, so all layer groups are gone, but instead replaced by a "Start layer group" and "End layer group" marking -...
  12. N

    2 Austin Cindric 2023 Martinsville 1 Libman Cleaning Mustang 2

    As I was setting up this weeks set, I noticed my Pennzoil hood Associate layer was turned off. So when I looked at the Martinsville scheme, I realized I had made a mistake. This is the updated carfile, complete with ratings, and named so that it will overwrite directly into the carset without...
  13. NASCARfan2048

    Fictional #29 Gorillaz Camaro (FCRD NCS22 mod) 1.0

    Been listening to a lot of Gorillaz recently so figured I should make a Gorillaz scheme. *SORRY IF THE HOOD DESIGN'S EDGING IS A BIT SLUGGISH, THIS IS THE BEST I CAN DO AS MY HAND AIN'T VERY STEADY* Credits: Base scheme: NRSC08 Designs (modified by me) Template: vadkuz Logos: Google Number: Me...
  14. N

    2023 42 Noah Gragson Sunseeker Resort Camaro ZL1 - Auto Club Updated 1

    Noah Gragson's Camaro from Auto Club Another that I did not make for the set. Base was mine. Numbers are mine, Bpillars compiled through the various partner sites. Logos from Sunseeker Resorts Youtube., Namerail pulled from a Twitter Post. Driver From @Rishabh and Crew was mine, Crew template...
  15. Mr. Designer

    #9 Chase Elliott Coca-Cola Throwback 2023 1.0

    Template: Vadkuz, Edited by Me Number, Signature: Me Logos: Me, Respective Brand Websites B-Pillar: Fosterick, Edited by Me Render: Scenes by James Hodge, Edited by Me
  16. JoeyFunk

    84 Carvana Base V1

  17. ajm.rc10

    Kyle Busch's #8 Alsco Uniforms 2023 Chevy Camaro 2022-12-12

    Credits Template & Mod: Philly_T/FCRD Pit Template: BCR (I presume) Number: DiecastCharv Base Design: Myself Logos: Google & Stunod This is Kyle Busch's #8 Alsco Uniforms Chevy Camaro he will run for Richard Childress Racing in the upcoming 2023 NASCAR Cup Series Season. Includes a painted pit...
  18. JDSprinting

    Jaiden Animations: The Anime Gen. 7 Base 1.1

    A base based off of Jaiden Animations' YouTube video, "Jaiden Animations: The Anime". This base fits on every FCRD NCS22 car body. CREDITS: Side decals made by Jaiden Animations Logos from Google Images Base made by me Original template made by FCRD Render scene made by NCD Designs
  19. James Hodge

    2022 Honda Civic Si Template 1.1

    2022 Honda Civic Si Template for use with the FCRD NCS22 Generic Model by James Hodge .PSD Layered Template Request permission before distributing or reusing elements from this template. Using this template or its individual elements for monetary gain is prohibited.
  20. Kardygam

    78 Josh Williams Alloy Employer Services IMS 2022-07-28

    Eagle has a poor quality Credits Logos And Number : Google, Me/DiecastCharv Photo: Me Template: FCRD Pitcrew: Me