ford mustang

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  1. R

    FICTIONAL - 29 Guinness Mustang 2024-04-22

    This is my first post here. I hope I do things correctly as to not be deleted or ban. My fictional #29 Guinness Ford Mustang. The first of (I hope of many) fictional car I've been working on. Credits: Time to pay special thanks to the creators. Without their incredible work, my work would be...
  2. Flashback27

    Harrison Burton #21 Motorcraft/DEX imaging Mustang 2024 - Daytona 500 2024-03-02

    Render: James Hodge Template: FriesenCreative Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google
  3. CorvetteRacing48

    2019 Kasey Kahne Wicked Energy Gum Ford Mustang 2024-02-23

    In real life back in 2018 Tony Stewart offered Kasey Kahne a contract to drive the 41 Ford Mustang full-time starting in 2019 and he declined the contract. Well this is a fictional scheme on what if he actually accepted Tony's contract. I picked Wicked Energy Gum since they sponsored him in...
  4. Jackson25th

    #36 Whale and the Wolf custom v1.0

    This is a custom #36 car i made sponsored by the Whale and the Wolf band. Template: ncs24 ford mustang by @vadkuz Logos: Whale and the Wolf, google, and some of my friends. Base: Myself.
  5. CamryBunny

    Ryan Sieg #39 2023 Talladega V 1.0

    Credits: Mod: NXS20 Logos: Google/Me Namerail: @Krfluggs Base: Me Number: DiecastCharv B-Pillar: Google/Me Template: @KP1 Designs
  6. CamryBunny

    Ryan Sieg #39 2023 Martinsville 1 V 1.0

    Credits: Mod: NXS20 Logos: Google/Me Namerail: @Krfluggs Base: Me Number: DiecastCharv B-Pillar: Google/Me Template: @KP1 Designs
  7. ajm.rc10

    (NCS22) David Ragan's #60 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse 2024-02-15

    UPDATE 2/15/24 Added a few logos that were missing, updated the rear bumper, and a few small touch ups based on reference photos from Daytona Credits Mod: Full Circle Racing Designs Template: vadkuz Pit Template: WarWagon ( & SmiffsDen) Number: koop_designs Logos: Google & Myself Driver...
  8. James Qualls

    NCS22 Mod *FICTIONAL* #11 Budweiser Ford 2023-11-17

    Custom #11 Budweiser Ford for the NCS22 Mod Number: Big Evil Racing, Template: Full Circle Racing, Base: Miller Call, Contigs: Sim Racing Designs, BPillar Contigs: fosterick, Render: Blender
  9. HighestOctane

    (FICTIONAL) Josh Berry Tire Pros 4 2023-09-09

    This is a FICTIONAL Josh Berry scheme i made. It is a TGA file and will need to be converted. Credits: Scheme made by me Templates i used Logos: Google
  10. HighestOctane

    Fictional* Josh Berry Tire Pros base 2024 2023-09-09

    Just a numberless TirePro base i have a Full number version also (Will not have the Number 5 when you download it) Credits: Paint Scheme made by me Link to templates i used Logos: Google
  11. sc4rf3d

    Turn4Graphics' 2024 Ford Mustang Darkhorse Template (MENCS19 & NCS21) V1.5

    Turn4Graphics' template of the new 2024 Ford Mustang Darkhorse all for the SNG Ford Mustang for both MENCS19 and NCS21 model. Credits: Template & Parts - Splash n Go Graphics / LeftyDesigns / Vadkuz / ZNC Designs / Turn4Graphics Mod - Splash n Go Graphics
  12. James Qualls

    NCS22 Mod *FICTIONAL* Hailie Deegan #13 Ford Performance Mustang 2023-08-12

    FIctional Hailie Deegan #13 Ford Performance Mustang for the NCS22 Mod. Credits: FCR Racing for the Templates, Big Evil Racing for the numbers, and Blender for the Render.
  13. S

    NPS17 Ford Mustang 2024 Update

    A template of a 2023/2024 NASCAR Canada Ford Mustang Includes: -Both 2023/2024 contigs and banners -Two Headlight variations (personal preference) -Two front grill badges All based on images from 2023/2024 * Imports to Ford body * Credits: Mustang decals from Five Star Race Bodies and Google...
  14. S

    NPS17 2024 Mustang template V 3.0

    A 2024 Mustang Template. This has been overhauled to a completely NEW version Imports to Ford Body Original template by SNG Graphics Contigs: Google and original template. Mustang decals: Google and Five Star Race Bodies. Edited by me for the template. Features a chrome Mustang logo and...
  15. CamryBunny

    Ryan Blaney #12 2021 Bristol Dirt V 1.0

    Credits: Mod: MENCS 2019 Logos: Google/Me Namerail: @StrechyGummies Base: Me Number: DiecastCharv B-Pillar: @fosterick
  16. CamryBunny

    Ryan Newman #6 2021 Bristol Dirt V 1.0

    Credits: Mod: MENCS 2019 Logos: Google/Me Namerail: Me Base: Me Number: DiecastCharv B-Pillar: @fosterick
  17. S

    2024 Mustang Template V2.0

    A Concept of a 2024 Mustang Late model. Manufacturer decals made by me using various images from google. Imports to Pontiac body. Headlight stickers appear as "On" may be updated if I can find a good image of them off VERSION 2.0 Update! The headlights have been updated check out the update...
  18. S

    LMPV2 Mustang Template V1.3

    A Mustang template I made for the LMPV2 Mod. Credit: Manufacturer Decals from images on the Five Star Race Bodies site On LMPV2 Template Import to Pontiac
  19. James Qualls

    FCRD NCS22 mod *FICTIONAL* #7 Zerex Antifreeze Hooters Ford 2023-05-27

    NCS22 Gen 7 Fictional of the #7 Zerex Antifreeze Hooters Ford Mustang for Alan Kulwicki Racing Credits: Paint by RAH for the Base, and Zerex Logos, FCRD for the Templates, Big Evil Racing for the Numbers, and Blender for the Renders
  20. MicroPopTart

    *FICTIONAL* #17 Matt Kenseth DeWalt Ford Mustang 2023-11-5

    Template: FCRD Logos: Google Number: DiecastCharv RFK Details: NRSC08 Designs