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  1. JustinHaley31

    *FICTIONAL* 2014 Matt Crafton Menards Chevrolet SS 2022-12-25

    What if... Matt Crafton's career followed Austin Dillon's? This car shows us what that could look like. Credits: Template: BER Number: BER Logos: Google Images based on an idea idea I had while lying in bed.
  2. 66Fan

    2020 Cup - #66 Timmy Hill - Texas 2 2022-10-08

    Hills #66 Car From 2020 Texas (Race 2) For Mencs19 Credits: Base: @garrett1127 Logos: MBM Motorsports website, and other various websites Template: BER/Lefty Number: DiecastCharv Render: The Mod Squad *Missing The B-Posts, Will fix asap** Enjoy!
  3. JetsRacinDesign

    'A Divided Ending' 2018 Season Mini Carset - MENCS19 Mod 1

    The following is a mini-carset for the MENCS19 mod, made up of my contributions to the 2018 season for “A Divided Ending,” an NR2003 YouTube series by @Sonicrules831 that’s an endorsed spin off of Griffdawg’s Dale Earnhardt series, illustrating a split in stock car racing between an...
  4. 66Fan

    NTG2013 #6 Travis Pastrana 8/12/2022

    Pastrana's #6 Car from NTG2013 Template: BER Number: BER Base: Myself Render: TMS Logos: Various Websites Enjoy!!!
  5. 66Fan

    Michael Mrucz NTG13 Career Mode Car 8/12/2022

    Mrucz's #80 car For Moobs Motorspor Template: Now, BER Number: BER Base Zak103TV Logos: Various Websites Render: TMS Enjoy!!!
  6. Nuttyboy812

    Gen6 BR15 Mercedes C63 Template 1.0

    This is a template I made for BR15 for an offline series that I never actually ended up finishing. I had pre-planned the cars I was going to make after downloading a bunch of templates, and when I actually got around to looking at the Mercedes template I found, I was not satisfied with the...
  7. Z

    iNR2003 Gen 6 Cup Car Sounds 1.02

    This is a Gen 6 cup car sound set that I made by recording from a bunch of different Youtube videos of iRacing's Toyota Camry cup car. It was NOT easy to find samples I could loop properly but I think it still turned out pretty awesome. As always, to install it just drop it in your NR2003\sound...
  8. James Qualls

    ARCA Throwback, 2006 Christi Passmore #91 G.A.P Roofing Ford (Gen6 BR15 mod) 2020-10-25

    I thought I'd try some throwback ARCA scheme for the Gen6 mod, this one here is Christi Passmore's 2006 G.A.P Roofing Inc scheme on a Gen6 Ford. Credits: Template: Big Evil Racing, Contigs and Spoiler Logos: ARCA Racing Mod Website, Google Images, and Bryce Orfanides, and garrett1127 for the Render
  9. KaueGamer120

    Ficticional Intel Car N°1 1.0.0

    Mod=Gen6BR15 Logos=Google Templane=Big Evil Racing Contingency Decals=Sim Racing Design Base=Me Reders=Zmodeler for Cinema4D
  10. KaueGamer120

    Ficticional PlayStation Car N°3 1.0.0

    Mod=Gen6BR15 Logos=Google Templane=Big Evil Racing Contingency Decals=Sim Racing Design Base=Me Reders=In Game
  11. Anthony_Fox

    Anthony Fox's Discord paint Scheme 2.0

    This is my very first custom paint scheme. Please give me feedback
  12. Levi McIntire

    2006-2007 Carl Edwards Office Depot Ford on Gen6 (From Scratch) 2018-03-26

    Credit to BullRing, Big Evil, and Google.
  13. Levi McIntire

    2018 South Point Daniel Hemric Chevy (Gen6 Fictional) 2018-03-19

    Credit to BigEvil, Google, and BullRing.
  14. Levi McIntire

    2007 DISH Network Ford Gen6 2018-03-12

    Credit to BullRing, BigEvil Racing, and Google.
  15. Levi McIntire

    2008 Carl Edwards Office Depot Ford (My First Painted Car from Scratch) 2018-03-11

    Credit to BigEvil Racing, Google, and BullRing.
  16. toomuch24

    Fictional #05 AMD lycoia interceptor 2018-01-27

    The 1st and probably the only paint scheme made for this. credits lycoia template: gwoodard41 @ sim design racing logos: google number: big evil racing
  17. Chaser

    Tri-Pack Mopar Schemes 2018-01-28

    Well, MENCS2018 is already the new sensation, and I decided post my schemes. Credits: -Bases: myself -Logos: Rah -Template: Spash n Go/BER MENCS2018
  18. toomuch24

    *fictional* #75 BeamNG drive ford fusion 1.0

    A fictional beamng ford I made because why not? :v credits: Numbers: big evil racing logos: google rookie stripes: Jacobc62 template: big evil racing Render by: Highbank /Iceman scene
  19. CodyHGaming

    CodyHGaming's #28 2017 Ford Fusion (Fictional) 2018-01-08

    Been working on this for the past couple weeks. Pit crew is included. Hope you like it, thanks! Credits: Template/Base: Murray Sim Racing Designs, Numbers: Nemco Numberset, Logos: Google, Conitgs: Google, Render: The Mod Squad
  20. BowmanFan88

    2018 Alex Bowman Axalta(On Toyota Model Template) 2017-12-07

    same credits as the other version except template by @Bill1947 . made it on this too for those who prefer this temp