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  1. Slipster17

    Busch Light Throwback Logos v1.0

    The throwback Busch Light logos that appeared on Kevin Harvick's #29 at the All-Star race in 2023. Includes the arched logo for the hood and decklid, and the horizonal logos for the sides and rear. These are all fully layered in vector format so you can tweak the colors to match your paint if...
  2. Krfluggs

    Kevin Harvick's Unused 2021 Mobil1 Base 2023-12-02

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google
  3. Slipster17

    Budweiser Background Graphic v2.0

    Once again - I drive myself nuts so you don't have to! Here is a layered vector file of what is my best recreation of the background graphic seen most recently on Kevin Harvick's throwback car at Homestead in 2023. This was also used on his Championship car in 2014 (on which the throwback...
  4. James Qualls

    Cup90 Mod *FICTIONAL* #4 Kevin Harvick Busch Light Ford 2023-11-06

    Kevin Harvick's 2023 Busch Light Ford #4 for the Cup90 Mod. In honor of Kevin's final start in his Cup Series Career. Credits: Number: Big Evil Racing, Template: RacinGrafx. Base: CamoDesigns, Contigs: CC#48, BPillar Contigs: fosterick, Render: Garrett1127
  5. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Pack - FNAF 3 Scheme Pack 1.1

    In my hype to watch the film, I created two brand new schemes featuring Spire's Corey LaJoie and Ty Dillon. As a bonus, I'm also including the Freddy's Pizza Delivery scheme that I made in 2022 but kept it as a MediaFire exclusive download. Enjoy. Credits: Bases: Myself Template: Vadkuz, FCRD...
  6. BFR30

    Kevin Harvick Last Ride v1.0

    Kevin's last ride Number- diecastcharv Template- vadkuz Base-vadkuz Logos- Google and myself
  7. SnowmanSchemes

    Kevin Harvick 2023 Budweiser 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: @DiecastCharv Logos: Google Render scene: James Hodge
  8. Krfluggs

    *Unused* Kevin Harvick 2021 Mobil1 ROVAL "Ice" Car 2023-10-13

    Credit: Base: Me Logos: Google/Respective Websites/Me Numbers: BigEvilRacing Render: TheModSquad I put the Mobil1 Logo on the back I fixed it after noticing it was missing Story: so in 2021 SHR had a fan vote between "Fire" and "Ice" Fire ended up winning and raced at the ROVAL and is known as...
  9. ZachC98

    Tide Base (2014 JR Motorsports) 2023-09-30

    Based off of Kevin Harvick's 2014 XFINITY Tide Ride, For the Chevrolet Model Base I uploaded to my old NR2003 graphics site in 2017. Uploading here for preservation.
  10. Slipster17

    Looney Tunes - Taz Character v1.0

    High Res assets for Kevin Harvick's special 2001 paint scheme from the Monte Carlo 400 @ Richmond. Scanned and traced into vector layers from die cast box art, clothing apparel and online sources for use on any project. Please give credit where credit is due and enjoy!
  11. JugJug

    Kevin Harvick Mobil 1 Throwback Scheme 1

    Credits: Template: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: BER Logos: Google, Me Render: @James Hodge
  12. broy48

    2019 Kevin Harvick National Forest Foundation - New Hampshire V.1.0

    Credits: Templates- SNG Numbers- Google Logos- Google Base- @garrett1127 Render- me with @wellsracing showroom (The first two) and @garrett1127 (The last one)
  13. WillmottDesigns

    Kevin Harvick Goodwrench-Gearwrench Throwback Paint Scheme 1.3

    Ready for NR2003 or anything else your ready for. please remember to credit me (Willmott Designs) if you upload somewhere else **Credits for v1: render scene: James Hodge | logos and numbers: Google and companies respected websites | base for scheme: Kevin0108 | images for photo booth render...
  14. Slipster17

    Reese's FastBreak logo (2001 release) v1.0

    Hi-res fully layered recreation of the original Reese's FastBreak logo as it appeared splashed across the hood of Kevin Harvick's special paint scheme at Loudon NH in 2001. This was recreated from diecast box art, images of old packaging and race photos. Please give credit where credit is due...
  15. Krfluggs

    Kevin Harvicks Railname 1.0

    Credits: Railname:
  16. NRSC08 Designs

    Gearwrench Ford Base V1

    Template: FCRD Edited parts: Camo Designs Render: James Hodge Logos: Google/Gearwrench
  17. Camo Creative

    Kevin Harvick 4 #Busch401k Daytona 500 2023 NCS22 Car 2023-02-22

    Kevin Harvick's 4 From the 2023 Daytona 500 .png, .tga, .car, and base .xcf provided Credits: Template: FCRD, @vadkuz , myself Number: BER Base: Myself (Busch Light Background by @vadkuz ) Logos: Google (From the companies respective websites) Driver: Myself Namerail: Google/Myself Render...
  18. Camo Creative

    2023 Preseason Cup Pack* Preseason 6

    Hey Everyone! What you are seeing, is me getting lazy and putting it all in one upload, have fun!!! -Camo Contents Currently: Kevin Harvick 2023 Hunt Brothers Pizza Kyle Busch 2023 Alsco Uniforms Kyle Busch 2023 Lenovo Kyle Busch 2023 Cheddars Scratch Kitchen Kyle Busch 2023 Bet MGM Grand Joey...
  19. Camo Creative

    4 Kevin Harvick GearWrench/Busch Light Lefty Designs Recreate 2022-11-11

    .tga and .car Credits: Template: FCRD Numbers: Big Evil Racing Base: Myself (Credit to @vadkuz for the busch graphic) Logos: Google (From the companies respective websites) Driver: Myself Namerail: Myself Render scene: @James Hodge Pit Wagon: Template: @phantom17 Logos: Google (From the...
  20. Camo Creative

    2022 Phoenix Championship Weekend NCS22 mod MegaPack 2022-11-04

    Includes: 1, 4, 17, 18, 20, 22, 23, 99 for this weekend .car and .tga Credits: Template: FCRD (Philly_t) Numbers: Big Evil Racing Bases: Myself (@vadkuz for the Busch graphic on the 4 and DiecastCharv for the texture on the 1 and 99) Logos: Google (From the companies respective websites)...