kyle larson

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  1. R

    #5 Kyle Larson Valvoline Camaro 2024-05-20

    NOT 100% Accurate. Maybe 98% to 99%. Or as close as I can make it. Drivers uniform is not correct. (I hate doing driver uniforms) Credits: Time to pay special thanks to the creators. Camaro Template: FCRD Designs Numbers: Big Evil Racing (With a few little edits from me) Logos: Google, me and...
  2. SnowmanSchemes

    Kyle Larson 2024 Hendrick Cars Throwback 1

    .tga Credits: Temp: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: Big Evil Racing Logos: Google / HendrickCars logo: Hendrick Automotive Group video Render scene: James Hodge
  3. Jackson25th

    2024 Kyle Larson Darlington Throwback. v1.0

    This is Kyle Larson's car for Darlington this year in which he will be throwing back to Terry Labonte and his old Kellogg's chevrolet. Sorry for the lack of a render as I havent had much free time. Credits: Sponsors: Myself, Valvoline, Stunod. Template: 2023 NCS22 template with edits. Number...

    Kyle Larson 2024 HendrickCars .com Ruby (Martinsville) 2

    Kyle Larson's 2024 HendrickCars RUBY scheme he ran this past weekend at Martinsville. He would start on pole and finish second to his teammate William Byron. CREDITS: Template- FCRD Logos- Google, company sites Namerail- @Krfluggs Number- BER B-post- @fosterick
  5. CamryBunny

    Kyle Larson #7 2023 North Wilkesboro V 1.0

    Credits: Mod: NXS20 Logos: Google Namerail: @Krfluggs Base: Me Number: DiecastCharv B-Pillar: Google Template: @xXSpeedy_FastXx
  6. Krfluggs

    Kyle Larson's Credit One Bank Test Car 2024-02-06

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Number: BigEvilRacing
  7. Krfluggs

    Kyle Larson's 2023 Namerail 2023-12-01

    Credits: Namerail: Image traced
  8. Krfluggs

    Kyle Larson 2023 Late Model 2023-12-01

    Credits Base: Me Logos: Google Number: BigEvilRacing
  9. ajm.rc10

    (MENCS17) Kyle Larson's #42 Refresh Your Car 2017 Chevy SS 2023-11-10

    Credits Mod & Templates: Splash N' Go (Re-uploaded by Garrett1127) Pit Template: WarWagon ( & SmiffsDen) Number: BER Logos: Google Base Design (Car & Crew): Myself Screenshots: Myself This is Kyle Larson's #42 Refresh Your Car Chevy SS he ran in the 2017 Can-Am 500 at Phoenix International...
  10. Krfluggs

    Kyle Larson's 2022 Test Car 2023-10-14

    Credits: Base: Me Logos: Google Numbers: BigEvilRacing Render: James Hodge
  11. JugJug

    Kyle Larson 2020 Daytona 500 Credit One Bank Fictional 1

    Credits: Template: @vadkuz Base: Me Numbers: BER Logos: Google, Me, Render: @NCD Designs
  12. DanielLumit

    #5 Kyle Larson IRacing Conceot v1

    Here is just a fun concept with Larsona and IRacing, enjoy! Template - @vadkuz Number - BER Logos - Google, myself, CamoDesigns Name Rail - Edited from a irl photo Base - Myself Render - Myself
  13. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Kyle Larson #10 NationsGuard 2023 Camaro 1.0

    Throwback to his 2021 return. Credits: Mod: NXS2020 (SRD) Template: SRD (2023 Version By @KP1 Designs) Base: @NRSC08 Designs Number: BER Logo: Myself, Google, B-Pillars: Rick
  14. 66Fan

    2023 Cup - Kyle Larson James The Black Engine Fictional Throwback 5/11/2023

    Credits: Base: Myself Logos: Various Websites B-Pillars/Banner Name: Fosterick Number: DevianArt Render: James Hodge (Edited by me) Enjoy!
  15. The_Red_Knight

    Kyle Larson Fictional Car 1

    Kyle Larson finally gets his first win of the 2023 NASCAR season at Richmond. This is the next car in my 2023 Fictional Winners Paint Scheme series. This car is based on the Hendickcars. com scheme from 2010. Hope y'all enjoy! Credits: Template: @CamoDesigns Driver and Banners: @CamoDesigns...
  16. Camo Creative

    Kyle Larson 5 Hendrick Cars Daytona 500 2023 NCS22 Car 1

    Kyle Larson's 5 From the 2023 Daytona 500 .png, .tga, .car, and base .xcf provided Credits: Template: FCRD, @vadkuz , myself Number: BER Base: Myself Logos: Google (From the companies respective websites) Driver: Myself Namerail: Google Render Model: @James Hodge Pit Wagon: Template...
  17. TheFlynnZone

    NCS22 Scheme - Kyle Larson 2022 Persona 5 Royal (Fictional) 1.0

    Ever since I picked up Persona 5 Royal back in the Fall of 2020, I always wanted to create a design based around the game but after many, MANY scrapped ideas and projects that stalled and got scrapped, here is a design that came out well. Enjoy. Credits: Base: Myself Template & Contingencies...
  18. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Kyle Larson #5 Freightliner 2022 Camaro 1.0

    Based on his paint scheme from the 2021 Bristol Dirt race. Credits: Mod: NCS22 Template: FCRD Base: Number: BER Logo: Myself, Google. B-Pillars: Rick
  19. John-Ross Stein

    *FICTIONAL* Kyle Larson #5 Coca-Cola/ 2022 Camaro 1.0

    What if Kyle Larson returned to the Coca-Cola Racing Family? Credits: Mod: NCS22 Template: FCRD Base: Myself Number: BER Logo: Myself, Google. B-Pillars: Rick
  20. James Qualls

    Cup90 *FICTIONAL* #5 Kyle Larson Chevrolet 2022-07-18

    Kyle Larson's #5 Paint Scheme on a Cup90 Chevrolet :D Credits: Template: racingrafx, Numbers: BigEvilRacing, B-Pillars: fosterick, Contigs: CC48, Render: garrett1127